FUSD board adopts sex ed curriculum

Just got home from the FUSD board meeting, where trustees voted 5-0 to adopt a new sex ed curriculum for junior high students called FLASH.

The vote came following a 3.5-hour discussion, which included comments from 31 audience members. Many of the people who wanted the board to adopt a curriculum this week did not comment specifically on either of the two curricula under consideration but stressed the need for a comprehensive sex ed in general. Meanwhile, those who spoke against the curricula said they did not feel the two options were the best available and wanted the board to hold off adopting a program until a more acceptable curriculum could be identified.

Some people I spoke with after the vote were surprised that the vote ended up being unanimous. They thought it would be 3-2 in favor of adopting one of the curriculum this week. It’s understandable why they would think that, since at one point, trustees Ivy Wu said she first wanted more assurance that the curricula  met state standards and Lily Mei said she wanted to table the decision until the board had a better understanding of the fiscal impacts of implementing a new curriculum.

One person told me he thought the student board member’s comments ultimately swayed all trustees to accept a curriculum this week. The student felt a comprehensive curriculum needed to be adopted ASAP to ensure that this year’s junior high students would receive a quality education. He shared an anecdote about a friend’s friend who had not received comprehensive sex ed and believed that first-time sex is painful for everyone. She became sexually active in college, but because she never experienced physical pain during any of those sexual encounters, she did not realize until much later that what she had been doing all along did, in fact, constitute as sex.

Linh Tat

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  1. Most kids are completely ignorant of or hold mistaken notions about sex. Not only does this cause mistakes that lead to pregnancy and STDs, it also causes a lot of mental anguish over nothing and makes kids vulnerable to predators. Knowledge is power. I applaud the board for empowering kids.

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