Wolff hints that Selig letter opens up Santa Clara to A’s

Major League Baseball writer Barry Bloom talked to Lew Wolff at the MLB’s owners meeting in Arizona.

His story sheds new light on the Giants’ territorial rights to Santa Clara County, which don’t seem to be too strong.

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Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Thus, if the A’s want to move into Santa Clara County, it would be a decision made by the Commissioner and not by the Giants, who were ceded the rights to Santa Clara County during a ballpark vote there about 20 years ago. The vote failed, but the Giants have maintained those territorial rights ever since.

“What we’ve done, I think, is open up a door for the A’s that’s been closed,” said Wolff on Wednesday, the first day of this week’s two days of owners’ meetings here. “My priority really is Fremont. Other communities are all over us now because of this letter, but I’m not listening to them yet. I don’t want to start this process all over again.”

Wolff said he will know by June whether Fremont will be home to what has been dubbed CISCO Field, because of the private partnership between the A’s and CISCO Systems Inc., a leading technology company.

The Mecury News is following this and their story should be in tomorrow’s Argus. I don’t really have time to follow it.

Matt Artz


  1. A Lew Wolff quote from Barry Bloom’s story, “They think we’re going to bring gangs into the community.”

    Mmmm, Lew, I don’t think that’s the No. 1, Top-O-the-List concern of Fremont’s residents. How about lack of public transportation at the Pac Commons site? How about vehicular traffic on I-880 and Automall Parkway? How about lack of sufficient parking for the ballpark? Should I continue?

  2. This just goes to show how little knowledge or interest Mr. Wolfe and his organization have in the opinions of ALL of the citizens of Fremont, not just the ones who salivate every time they hear “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. They apparently think that we’re all too busy trying to survive the recession to notice that they’re trying to sneak in a big bag of s*#t on the southside of town.

    If other communities are “all over” you, Lew – GO THERE!

  3. Wolff needs to know the residents DO NOT WANT THEM! How are they going to be COMMUNITY FRIENDLY? GO AWAY! GO TO SAN JOSE!

  4. The Lou Wolfe “Gangs” comment is the kind of anecdotal B.S. that the pro-A’s want to toss around.

    Come on Lou – Here are some questions –

    What’s the basis for projections on additional Fremont policing required (all over Fremont) on game days ? Who pays ?

    What’s the projection for wear and tear on Fremont streets that are already in serious need of repair and how much will you cointribute annually to mitigate this need ?

    What’s the guarantee that A’s and Wolfe and Co wont renegotiate a new deal or new needs with Fremont in te next year or 10 ?

    Why shouldn’t city taxpayers assume that the area around the proposed stadium looks like the area around the coliseum in 10 or 15 years ?

    Who pays for remediation of the ballpark when the A’s leave Fremont in 5 or 10 years for (again) greener pastures ?

    Not NIMBY’ism Lou – just common sense questions. Not “gangs” wandering the street – just some simple questions.

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