Senior Mobile Home Park owners demand rent hikes, threaten closure

The owners of Besaro Mobile Home Park are filing suit to raise all rents to to $895 a month, which  would be a 40+ percent increase many of the elderly residents.

If they don’t get the rent hike, “the park will almost certainly be closed,” their attorney wrote in a filing with the city.

The owners include David Beretta, who owns a lot of Fremont real estate and Jack Rogers, who was once Fremont’s director of maintenance and recreation, and most recently served as Suzanne Chan’s campaign manager.

The ownership group has made more than $1 million each of the past three years from the 29-acre property on Deep Creek Road. They think city rent control laws are keeping them from making more. Residents say the rent increase will break some of them.

Both sides have sparred in the past. Click here for background.

Matt Artz


  1. $895/mo for a parking spot?

    If David Berretta and Jack Rogers wanted to buy a lot of land to eventually sell to a developer, perhaps they should have purchased one that did not have low-income elderly residents living on it.

    I hope they receive a tremendous amount of resistance.

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