cop roundup

Burglars smashed their way into three stores near the corner of Paseo Padre Parkway and Driscoll Road sometime on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. They stole about $1,700 from Bay Cleaners, $500 from Tapioca Express and a $200 scissors from Fresh Polish nail salon.

At about 11:15 a.m. a woman noticed a man trying to enter the back door of her house on Farwell Drive at Stevenson Boulevard. She called the cops, who “flooded” the area, but the suspected burglar, who was very short, eluded them. He’s described as a five-foot tall Hispanic or light skinned black guy, about 25 to 30 years old. He might have fled in a white Buick, but police can’t say that for sure.

Lastly, an employ in the Mission San Jose gift shop called police at 12:10 p.m. Tuesday after she saw a drunk gy bathing in the fountain located inside the church. He then began yelling at himself. Police found him inside the church carrying a brown paper bag with an alcoholic beverage inside. “He was way drunk,” said police who arrested him for public drunkeness. No details on how fully clothed he was during the bath.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt,
    Sorry your T. Rex bosses have made you do police reports, I preferred the more controversial political articles.
    The Argus has never been good at reporting the underbelly of Fremont politics, that is why the good old boy network thrives in Fremont. I hope you have the opportunity to do some real political reporting, but it will not be at the Argus.
    You are better reporter then your employer.

  2. Although I enjoy and depend on the Beat’s political reporting, I have to admit that I also enjoy the police blotter. I don’t get why the Argus can’t assign someone to transfer this info directly from the daily summary that local media outlets receive from the PD, thereby freeing up Mr. Artz to do more complex reporting. If something on the summary warrants further investigation, then he can follow-up on it, but just listing the daily police calls seems to me to be below his skill level.

    California Guy is absolutely right about the Argus – it’s a pathetic excuse for a local paper that contributes very little to the education of local residents. Hence the success of the Beat and other alternative sources. It is difficult to ignore the complicity of the Argus in supporting what it apparently sees as its “base” – the Chamber of Commerce, local business and City management. The residents have deserved better for a very long time.

  3. Thank you Matt Artz for doing “cop round up” and particularly for creating this blog. There is more signifigant news on this blog than all the East Bay papers combined. Please stay on the Fremont beat in spite of the management at the Argus. If they only knew better they would do better.

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