Senior Mobile Home Park owners demand rent hikes, threaten closure

The owners of Besaro Mobile Home Park are filing suit to raise all rents to to $895 a month, which  would be a 40+ percent increase many of the elderly residents.

If they don’t get the rent hike, “the park will almost certainly be closed,” their attorney wrote in a filing with the city.

The owners include David Beretta, who owns a lot of Fremont real estate and Jack Rogers, who was once Fremont’s director of maintenance and recreation, and most recently served as Suzanne Chan’s campaign manager.

The ownership group has made more than $1 million each of the past three years from the 29-acre property on Deep Creek Road. They think city rent control laws are keeping them from making more. Residents say the rent increase will break some of them.

Both sides have sparred in the past. Click here for background.


No pay for no results

The New Haven school board this week passed a resolution calling for legislators’ pay — which include their salaries, benefits and per-diem expenses — to be docked when they miss the annual June 15 deadline for passing a state budget.

I haven’t confirmed this, but I’ve been told that currently, legislators don’t get paid as long as the budget is late. However, once the budget is passed, they are eligible for retroactive pay. In other words, the pay is delayed but they ultimately receive full compensation. Under the NHUSD proposal, there would be no retroactive pay; the legislators would simply lose the equivalent of one day’s pay for each day they’re late in passing the budget.

Click here for the story.


Former Argus reporter scoops former “loser” company

Yaaaaarh. Former Newark, Ohlone College, and non-white people reporter Todd Brown turned a morning factory tour into a day in the sun. Unburdened by a day job, Todd went on a NUMMI plant tour Wednesday and found out that the car manufacturer is doing away with tours effective Feb. 27.

He then blogged his scoop, putting about a half-dozen people and two very poopy cats in the know.

Check out his blog here.


Cop roundup

Fremont was mostly quiet during the Second Coming yesterday. Things went back to normal shortly after midnight today when a white guy flipped out outside of the Safeway in the The Hub. He shouted that he had a bomb strapped to himself, but that turned out to be untrue. Eight police showed up, and the man was taken away for a psychiatric evaluation.


Another car dealership bites the dust?

I heard a pretty strong rumor that Fremont Pontiac GMC on Ballentine Drive in Newark is going out of business, possibly to be replaced by a new Chevy dealership that would also use the “Fremont” name.

I called Fremont Pontiac GMC to try to confirm the rumor. An mid-level manager said he could neither confirm nor deny the dealership’s closure. For what it’s worth, the Brunelli family denied they closing down Central Chevrolet less than a month before they shut it down.


Giants Owner on the A’s, San Jose and territorial rights, take two

Our wonderful server failed Saturday losing several comments and one post in the process.

The post was just a link to a Ray Ratto Column. He interviewed the SF Giants new managing partner, Billy Neukom.

To read the entire column, click here.

Here’s the part about the A’s:

Another interesting development in the last month involved the release of a December letter from Bud Selig to Oakland front man Lew Wolff saying that if the Fremont stadium scheme died, he could look elsewhere. Elsewhere, as you know from your third-grade geography, includes Santa Clara County.

You know, the Santa Clara County that the Giants claim as their own version of colonial India.

“I don’t see the letter as meaning that on its face,” Neukom said when asked if the team’s territorial rights were now in written jeopardy. “We know that it would take a vote of three quarters of the owners (23 of 30) to change that, so we sort of see that as something Lew could use to spur the people in Fremont on.”

But is it also permission for the A’s to work Santa Clara without Giant approval or reparations? “We’ve always said that Santa Clara County is critically important to our operation.” Yes, but is it also permission for the A’s, etc.? “This is a cultural thing, the Giants and Santa Clara County. It’s all part of what we regard as the Giants culture in the West Bay.” Yes, but is it, etc.? “We would have some very unhappy investors.”

So yes, it certainly seems to be permission, since Neukom never said the words, “We will sue if we need to.” All Wolff would have to do is get 22 other owners to back his play, and then hustle new Silicon Valley money in a difficult climate, and then undo his relationships in Fremont. Other than the votes, Wolff doesn’t look likely to make this happen in the next decade or so, so Neukom doesn’t have to throw that particular bomb yet.


Hawk in an office

I’ll have story in tomorrow’s paper about hawk that flew through an office window Monday morning and lived to fly out of the hole that it made in the window. Check the paper or web site for details. Scroll down for bird pictures taken by Paul Sun:

The hawk made me think of this song, which I wish wasn’t on my John Denver’s Greatest Hits album. Annie’s Song is so much better, but he put that one on Volume II with Thank God I’m a Country Boy and lots of other crappy songs.


In case you saw the cops at the Five Corners

An 88-year-old man got run over by GMC Yukon. He was crossing in between Irvington and Washington Avenues (not anywhere near a crosswalk from the position of his clothes and blood) and got completely run over by a woman making a left onto Fremont Boulevard from a shopping center on the east side of the street.

The accident was right outside the Kragen’s. No charges against the driver at this time. No sign of booze or drugs being a factor.

In other cop news. Three people got robbed within a span of 30 minutes Saturday night, and about 5,500 PG&E customers lost power this morning when a drunk driver ran into a utility pole at Paseo Padre Parkway and Grimmer Boulevard. Lights were back on by 7:30 a.m.