cops roundup

There was a burglary arrest at the Safeway in Warm Springs on Thursday. If I knew the who, what, and when, I’d provide it.

Police arrested a man on a count of spousal battery on the 4300 block of Hardwood Street.  Officers were called there by the resident who said that the guy was trying to attack his ex-girlfriend at the house. The guy fled on foot, but the cops got him at Michael and Fremont. I have his name, but, without more details from the cops, I don’t want to publish it.


A’s to shift focus to Warm Spings site

The A’s have told Fremont officials that want to fully study the environmental impacts of a proposed stadium adjacent to Warm Springs BART. That means what had been merely an alternative proposal will now get the same environmental review as the team’s original plan to build a ballpark near the Pacific Commons Shopping Center.

A’s co-owner Lew Wolff told me today that he “is more in favor of the BART site.”

Mayor Wasserman acknowledged that if the A’s do come to Fremont it is more likely to happen at the Warm Springs BART site.

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Washington High in lockdown

UPDATE (3:22 p.m.): Lockdown’s been lifted. Fremont police Detective Bill Veteran said a guy suspected of attempted sexual assault (see previous blog entry) was arrested without incident at the Parkwood Place apartment complex this afternoon. The apartment is across from Washington High.

Turns out the suspect was not 30, as previously described, but is 16 and a student from WHS.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Washington High School in Fremont is in lockdown right now, as police apparently are searching for a man in a nearby apartment complex.

A WHS employee said whatever’s going on is taking place off campus and that it has nothing to do with students/staff at the school. The school is in lockdown just to be safe.


Cop roundup

A young woman was doing laundry in the Parkwood Plaza Apartment Complex at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon when a man grabbed her around the waist and placed his hand over her mouth. The girl struggled free and started screaming. Her relatives quickly rushed to her aid and chased the guy out of the apartment complex at 3400 Country Drive before alerting police.

The cops showed up around 2 p.m., but couldn’t find him. They did make this composite sketch of the man, who is described as a tall, slender Asian, about 30-years-old with shoulder length brown hair. He was wearing a blue and white horizontal striped polo shirt and long blue-jeans shorts.

Also yesterday four guys, one of whom was carrying a black revolver, robbed a lone male in the 38600 block of Lexington Street. They took his wallet and ran away.


Wolff hints that Selig letter opens up Santa Clara to A’s

Major League Baseball writer Barry Bloom talked to Lew Wolff at the MLB’s owners meeting in Arizona.

His story sheds new light on the Giants’ territorial rights to Santa Clara County, which don’t seem to be too strong.

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Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Thus, if the A’s want to move into Santa Clara County, it would be a decision made by the Commissioner and not by the Giants, who were ceded the rights to Santa Clara County during a ballpark vote there about 20 years ago. The vote failed, but the Giants have maintained those territorial rights ever since.

“What we’ve done, I think, is open up a door for the A’s that’s been closed,” said Wolff on Wednesday, the first day of this week’s two days of owners’ meetings here. “My priority really is Fremont. Other communities are all over us now because of this letter, but I’m not listening to them yet. I don’t want to start this process all over again.”

Wolff said he will know by June whether Fremont will be home to what has been dubbed CISCO Field, because of the private partnership between the A’s and CISCO Systems Inc., a leading technology company.

The Mecury News is following this and their story should be in tomorrow’s Argus. I don’t really have time to follow it.


Wolff: A’s to Fremont should be decided by middle 2009

For some reason the Associated Press on Wednesday reported a six-week-old story that Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig had issued a letter to the the A’s granting them permission to consider other cities for their stadium project if they can’t make it work in Fremont.

In regurgitating old news, AP talked to Lew Wolff on Wednesday. Wolff said Fremont is still his priority and that “I think by the middle of the year, we’ll know whether we can do it or not.”


FUSD board adopts sex ed curriculum

Just got home from the FUSD board meeting, where trustees voted 5-0 to adopt a new sex ed curriculum for junior high students called FLASH.

The vote came following a 3.5-hour discussion, which included comments from 31 audience members. Many of the people who wanted the board to adopt a curriculum this week did not comment specifically on either of the two curricula under consideration but stressed the need for a comprehensive sex ed in general. Meanwhile, those who spoke against the curricula said they did not feel the two options were the best available and wanted the board to hold off adopting a program until a more acceptable curriculum could be identified.

Some people I spoke with after the vote were surprised that the vote ended up being unanimous. They thought it would be 3-2 in favor of adopting one of the curriculum this week. It’s understandable why they would think that, since at one point, trustees Ivy Wu said she first wanted more assurance that the curricula  met state standards and Lily Mei said she wanted to table the decision until the board had a better understanding of the fiscal impacts of implementing a new curriculum. Continue Reading


Sex and coffee

As we reported today, the Fremont school board will consider adopting a new sex ed curriculum for junior high students tonight.

Members of the district’s health and sex ed advisory committee are divided over the curricula, and apparently some don’t approve of either choices. The “FLASH” curriculum was developed by a county health office in Washington. The other curriculum, “Teen Talk,” was developed by the Teen Pregnancy Coalition of San Mateo County.

Here are links so you can review the choices yourself:

FLASH: www.kingcounty.gov/healthservices/health/personal/famplan/educators/FLASH.aspx

Teen Talk: www.teenpregnancycoaltion.org/programs/teentalk.index.htm

There’s also been talk that abstinence-only advocates have been pressuring school board members to scrap sex ed from junior high schools altogether. Those in the know say tonight’s discussion could be a lengthy one. So if you plan to attend or watch the meeting on TV, do yourself a favor and brew a pot of coffee.


image from David J. Colbran’s site on flickr.com


FUSD to name permanent superintendent

UPDATE (3:30 a.m. Jan. 15): Milt Werner is officially the superintendent of the county’s second-largest school district. He can shed the “interim” label finally. The board unanimously approved a four-year contract, effective through June 2012. Werner’s annual salary, which includes the cost of health benefits, is $230,000. His salary will be prorated this year.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: A Fremont school board member has confirmed that trustees plan to name Milt Werner the district’s permanent superintendent at tonight’s meeting. Werner has been with FUSD 5-and-a-half years and was made the interim supe after Doug Gephart retired last June.

I don’t expect a copy of Werner’s new contract to be made available until just before the official board vote. But to give you an idea of what it may look like, the contract the board approved last spring for Werner to serve as interim supe included a total comp package of $228,800 — $215K in salary and the rest in perks.


Tri-Cities aren’t too strict with tobacco

A report from the American Lung Association finds that Fremont, Newark and Union City are decent places for smokers and libertarians. But for people who want strict laws on public smoking, they’d be better off in Oakland and Berkeley, which have passed a bunch of them.

The anti-smoking group gives all three Tri-City area towns a “D” for protecting residents from second-hand smoke.

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