A’s Protest Scheduled

The Oakland A’s are holding a small neighborhood meeting Thursday evening at Weibel Elementary School in Warm Springs — not far from where the team would like to build a stadium near the future Warm Springs BART station.

The thing is, according to stadium opponents, only 25 people will be allowed in for the meeting – the A’s prefer small venues where they can make their pitch without large numbers opponents shouting them down.

So those who won’t get inside for the meeting say they will be protesting the stadium plan outside the school around 6:30 p.m.

It’ll be interesting to see how big a crowd they get. Opponents have so far gotten 1388 people to sign this online petition.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, how does the A’s front office select the 25 people to attend the meeting? Also, who received the announcement of the scheduled meeting and when did they receive it? Was it distributed to all residents in the Warm Springs area or within a certain distance from the planned ballpark site?

  2. This WILL be interesting. We should have a betting pool, guessing the number. Whoever gets closest wins. I’m pro-A’s in Fremont, but if you’re against it, this is your moment to get the ball rolling.

  3. Doug, those are good questions. I don’t have the answers to any of them. I’ll try to find out Thursday when I stop by Weibel.

  4. The A’s (not the PTA) are requested by the city council to meet with the community members. But the A’s keep rejecting any public town hall meeting requests. They only hold invitation-only small group meetings.

    The concerns from the local communities have never been properly addressed. The A’s are acting like “we hear your concerns, but we will still proceed with our proposal (NOP) and let ‘our’ city council to decide.”

    Wondering how can the A’s claim they “reach out to the local communities”? We do know they spend a lot of money on a few business interest groups.

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