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In addition to the molestation arrest below, Newark police also released a press statement about a family squabble that led to a shooting. Here it is.

On Feb. 5 at approximately 12:49 a.m., Newark Police Department (NPD) officers responded to the 37000 block of Magnolia Street. A shooting reportedly occurred inside a residence there, leaving one person injured.

When officers arrived, they learned that family members had been engaged in a dispute over the use of a vehicle. One of the parties, a 48 year old Newark man, brandished a knife.

After using the knife to cut an adult female family member, he brandished it and threatened the others. Another adult family member stopped the attack by firing a handgun at the man. The man sustained non-life threatening injuries from the single gunshot and was treated at an area hospital. The adult female victim sustained a non-life threatening injury and also received medical care.

The incident was isolated to that specific residence and the investigation is still in progress, but the investigation will likely result in criminal charges being requested.


Matt Artz


  1. Matt, must be a typo in the NPD press release or they’re a month late in releasing it.

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