Weibel Protest

Below are pictures from this evening’s protest. A police officer on the scene estimated about 700 to 800 people showed up. I thought it was more 500-600. They lined South Grimmer from just about Paseo Padre all the way to the Weibel Elementary School, where the A’s had planned to hold a meeting for just 25 people.

The “No Stadium” chants were really loud.

With such a large turnout, the A’s shifted gears and allowed 500 people in to school’s multi-purpose room for an impromptu Q&A session. It got off to a rowdy start, with huge cheers for one fella who asked the audience whether Mayor Wasserman should be recalled if he supports the Warm Springs stadium site.

The A’s plan to officially submit a new application later this month, which will lead to an environmental review of the Warm Springs BART area as the preferred ballpark site.

The council will address the stadium issue next on Feb. 24.

Here are the pictures:

This last one is the backside of A’s co-owner Keith Wolff and the team’s consultant Jim Cunneen looking as they address the protestors.

Matt Artz


  1. It could have some benefit if the Oakland A’s move to Fremont. But there are also downside. I’m an A’s fan too. There are so many flaws in the A’s current plan. It will be a lose-lose proposition for the A’s and Fremont (maybe the commercial developers can rip lots of money).

    “A’s fan”, have you study their plan and NOP/EIR? There are tons of problems. (Did you see any problem in their report?). I’m concerned because I don’t want my city being dragged down by this ill-planned project.

  2. There are going to be tons of problems with any ballpark built anywhere. What is needed is the public will and interest to overcome them. I doubt it’s going to happen anywhere in California. It’s going to happen somewhere like Charlotte or Las Vegas.

  3. A’s fan –

    “4. How will our strained police and roadways handle the demands of so many thousands of fans ? We cant afford to deliver basic services to taxpayers now – what makes us think we can handle the additioanl wear and tear these folks will place on our city ?

    It will actually be handled somewhat better at this site than the original one, since it will be much closer to a BART station. ”

    Excuse me? So since it’s near a BART station, calls will be handled by the BART police? I have to go with Bbox on this one – I think we’ve all seen recently how professionally the BART police handle crowds and stressful situations. Given the choice, I’ll take a city cop. A bullet trumps a beat-down any day.

    The LEAST of Mr. Wolfe’s problems these days are minor misspellings of his christian name. It takes a while to get Fremont residents riled up, but he just couldn’t stop poking the bear, so now he’s got our attention. And we’re lookin’ at you, too, Wasserman and Council members. Can you say “recall”?

    p.s. – Good luck in Charlotte!

  4. Wasserman and Chan and the other minions say they will do what is best for Fremont. Fremont currently only has 800 to 1500 A’s Stadium attending fans. Hardly a huge fan base is in Fremont. With a population of 200,000 Fremont A’s fans will get a deal, while Lew Wolff, the Mayor and Council will recklessly spread their scorched earth plannings policies on thousands of residence and businesses around a Warm Springs stadium.

  5. Matt,

    Is it possible for you to attend the 2nd protest in Weibel tomorrow night? I think it will be good for you to see by yourself the debate we have here. It will be good for you to understand your frustration and anger. If egoist Wolff has no desire to talk to the neighborhood in a responsible way, maybe you can help us to ask them a few questions.

    Then you can be an objective judge to see you truly think A’s has a comprehensive plan for the stadium and that if they truly care about the people whose life will be significantly impacted.

    I doubt if you will will be happy with their answers, or their attitude.

  6. These are typical NIMBY people that mostly were not baseball people anyway. They rather see soccer or no sports stadium at all. They are upper middle class selfish people who would rather see traffic jams on the 880 then be inconvienced or have their property in anyway affected (good or bad).

    There are many good solutions and A’s coming to Fremont will add millions in sales tax, property tax, new businesses that are badly needed in Fremont. Fremont is a baseball town with Dennis Ekersley one of the A’s most famous pitchers a Fremont native. Next time we need to have just as many pro-A’s protestors out there.

    The best solution for an A’s stadium is near the Warm Springs BART station. That would be the best for the bay area, the best for Fremont and best for the country. These NIMBY people need to think about the big picture and most likely many of their property values will go up, because believe it or not most Americans like baseball!

  7. Fremont Auto Mall Resident – Please provide us some detail on your comment, “That would be the best solution…for the country.”

    And, please consider passing it on to our representatives in Washington. They could use all the help they can get.

    I’d also like to set the record straight:
    – I am not, according to our household income, considered upper middle class.
    – I enjoy baseball and attend A’s and Giants games, when I can afford it.
    – I don’t live near the proposed stadium site, but will have the BART extension in my backyard.
    – I want to see Fremont attract high-tech, green tech, and clean tech jobs, NOT jock tech jobs.

    The relocation of the A’s to Fremont does not make economic sense. The devil is in the details and that holds true with your suggestion they will help city coffers. I believe your reading from an A’s press release.

  8. Any idea how many regular game attending A’s fans Fremont has. My guess is that it is less than 500 out of a population of over 200,000

  9. I love this!

    So far, what I have seen from the A’s supporters are PR lines from A’s Press Releases. No firm data to back these PR line up.

    Go to FremontCitizensNetwork.org. They have posted a file called Myth Buster which talks about A’s proposed mitigation plan and the truth behind it.

  10. Doug,

    Assuming we will build a stadium anyway, having a stadium next to the new BART extension that is breaking ground this summer last I heard is the perfect solution. The new stadium would be between the 680 and 880 a very central location for the eastbay, between two major freeways (even Oakland doesn’t have that kind of location). 10s of thousands take BART to the games already. If you were any kind of fan that you say you are then you wouldn’t be so anti-baseball. We can bring green jobs, tech jobs to Fremont even better once we have the revenues from the A’s stadium, it will create thousands of jobs, property tax revenue, sales tax revenue, and even income tax (indirectly) no question. Sure there will be cost but I seriously doubt anyone in this chat forum as really done the math to the detail know if the millions of new Police we will have to hire will outweigh all the tax revenue, growth and other benefits. The list of ignorant includes Wasserman, and Leo Wolfe don’t know the answer either, cause its predicting the future.

    So these protesters are NIMBY people without question and not true baseball fans. The home values next to (several hundred yards away) the new Giants stadium went up in value not down. There are homes near Standford, not too far from Cal Berkeley, etc. There are a lot of baseball people that would love to be near the stadium. There are a lot of things that can be done to block off streets etc. if they really think its an issue.

    Fremont voted for Wasserman, who is a stadium at any cost candidate, an implied yes on the stadium, by the entire city of Fremont. They didn’t vote for the anti-baseball candidates.

    You always run a risk when you buy a house that something can be built next to you, trains, schools, businesses etc. That is a clear industrial area and those people in the warm springs hills ran that risk.

    Maybe the only solution is a citywide election on this specific subject, probably a good idea.

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