One account of how Weibel Q&A session came to pass

I got an email this morning from someone who was scheduled to be part of the 25 person meeting with the A’s last night at Weibel. He said the team didn’t want to change the format to include questions from the protesters, but reluctantly agreed to do so.

Here’s the email:

One correction to your story today on the Weibel Stadium protest last night.
I was one of the 25 people invited to the private meeting.  The A’s
representatives certainly did NOT want to move the meeting to the
Multipurpose Room.  I was the one that initiated that move and, together
with the support of another resident at the meeting, kept pushing them to do
so and shooting down every one of their (lame) reasons to not do so.  Their
reasons included:
– A’s Argument: We like to have a small group to just talk about the issues
        – I countered with ‘why not invite the other 200+ people?  They clearly want to talk too
– A’s Argument: We cant have them all in here
        – Response: Well, why not the Multipurpose room?  I see the janitor walking around- let’s go ask him
– A’s Argument: Well, another group already has it reserved
        – Response: Oh, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind swapping rooms- I’ll go ask them

At this point, someone (Janet Benz) went to do so and found that it was the Boy Scouts
– A’s Argument: Well, the Boy Scouts have that room, so we cant move there
        – Response: I’m sure they wouldn’t mind- it’ll be a good lesson in citizenship.
– A’s Argument: Well, time is short, we need to get started
        – Response:  At this point, Janet returned and said that the Boy Scouts appeared to have cancelled their meeting due to the protests, so we all looked at them and said ‘let’s go’ and they were VERY reluctant to do so (if you want corroboration of this story, I can provide you the contact info for the other people there) 



Matt Artz


  1. Comment on one of the A’s selling points.

    If the A’s are right, 33% of their fans will use BART. That’s 33% who will get back on the BART after the game since they can’t easily get to the restaurants in Pac Commons and spend their money there. Meantime, the already overcrowded highways will have the other 67% clogging up the streets. Will they stop at Pac Commons where the wait lines will be long, or go a couple stops down 880 to Union Square and McCarthy Landing, where most of the same restaurants are offered?

    Of course, I will be headed to Pleasanton and Newark for my Costco and Home Improvement shopping. I hate shopping already and won’t waste any of my weekends and evenings –the only time I can shop — sitting in stadium traffic trying to get to Lowes and Home Depot.

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