A little more on Lisa Quan

1) She will get appointed. Wasserman, Chan and Harrison all support her.

2) Councilmember Anu Natarajan said she’s going to propose changing the process for selecting Planning Commissioners. She thinks either the mayor should have complete purview, or a subcommittee of the council should interview candidates so council members don’t end up voting on applicants that they don’t know much about, other than what they put in their applications.

3) I did write a story about this for tomorrow’s paper. I’m not that thrilled with it. The only thing really interesting to me was how upfront the mayor was about his pick, especially about not interviewing Bacon and only interviewing four candidates.

4) I talked to Quan today. She said she didn’t represent developers while working at Golsalves and Kozachenko. “I don’t have anything to do with land developers,” were her exact words.

She didn’t want to comment on whether or gender or ethnicity were factors in her nomination. “That’s a political decision, and I can’t speak about that,” she said.

Quan, who grew up in San Francisco said she could add something to the commission as a lawyer, a culinary school graduate, who has lived in several different cities.

She said she couldn’t take a position on the A’s, because there’s still no final environmental report or traffic study. “I want to see what the A’s propose and what the environmental impact reports say. Everything is just speculation at this point.”

She said she’s volunteered for a lot or organizations, and that the planning commission would be a natural progression for her. However, she said she isn’t interested in elected office.

She said she’s been humbled by the brouhaha over her pick, and that she’s going to pay attention to what residents want. I really just want to help the city of Fremont,” she said. “If I’m confirmed, I will do my best.”

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, still going with the 5-0 vote call?

    It only takes three votes, which she has, but never before has so much attention by the voting public been paid to a Planning Commission political appointee. Ms. Quan’s comment that, “…I will do my best” will be scrutinized by the voting public. She may not have any interest in running for an elected office, but those on city council that support her appointment will be held directly accountable for her performance.

  2. “those on city council that support her appointment will be held directly accountable for her performance”

    Bark, Bark.

    I like it, Doug.

  3. How about a filing a lawsuit against the Mayor and City of Fremont for not doing due diligence in appointing a Planning Commissioner. It is an abuse of power by Mayor Wasserman who deserves to be recalled.

  4. I think the comment that is really going to get her in trouble is this one:

    “I don’t have anything to do with land developers.”

    One-just one-case in where she represented Fremont Land Developers and she’s done for. There is a naiveté to this appointee that worries me.

  5. This quote bothers me the most:

    “I want to see what the A’s propose and what the environmental impact reports say. Everything is just speculation at this point.”

    Matt already posted an earlier quote from her indicating her support for the ballpark.

    I heard this same thing from other candidates during the election. To me, this can be translated as “I don’t want to tell you what I’m really thinking.”

    In my opinion, we need public officials who are intelligent enough to form opinions on important issues and who aren’t afraid to share these opinions with the public.

    To say that “Everything is just speculation at this point” is preposterous. The A’s are planning to formally submit Warm Springs as the preferred alternative on the 24th! Has she not been reading the news on this subject? Clearly, we know what the A’s are up to.

    Wasserman wants the A’s and he made this pick to help make this happen. He’s basically admitted this already. Please don’t treat us like we’re not smart enough to understand what’s going on here.

  6. Vinnie –

    I hope this means that you will be at the Council meeting tonight. We may need you there to be appointed to the Planning Commission by acclamation 😉 Wishful thinking, I suppose.

  7. If Ms. Quan is sincere about representing what residents want, and if she is, in fact, appointed to the Planning Commission, I hope she will:

    join the Fremont Citizens Network community (if she hasn’t already),

    attend protests to talk to the residents there, and

    make herself available to citizens who have legitimate questions and concerns about the stadium proposal. A Planning Commissioner should be proactive to inform themselves on BOTH sides of this important issue.

    Has a Planning Commissioner EVER held community meetings, to meet and greet the people they represent? Not just developers and Chamber of Commerce members, but regular people?

    The cloud over Ms. Quan’s appointment is not of her making. She can, however, go a long way to lift that taint through a sustained and sincere outreach to local residents.

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