This is  just released by the folks opposed to the stadium.

The A’s and their supporters don’t have much in the way of YouTube videos. I did find this one outlining some of the techie features Cisco Field will have.

Matt Artz


  1. Would anyone like to take a guess which streets in Fremont are the top three for the highest volume of two-way vehicle traffic in a 24-hour period*?

    1. Mission Blvd / Warm Springs Blvd. / I-680 – 75,800 vehicles
    2. Auto Mall Pkwy / Grimmer Blvd. / I-880 – 55,800 vehicles
    3. Auto Mall Pkwy / I-680 / Osgood Rd – 48,500 vehicles

    This is according to the city’s own numbers on the city’s web site http://www.fremont.gov/Community/Traffic/TrafficCounts.htm

    Do those street intersections sound kind of familiar?

    Why, yes. Those would be the main intersections leading to the proposed site of the Warm Springs A’s stadium!

    *One other thing, these are 2005 numbers. Betch ‘ya they’re higher now. What do you think?

  2. Mr. Wasserman: Looks like you’ve got a capable foe against this stadium. You’ve managed to get the neighborhoods with the greatest intellectual and financial capital pissed off. You and the council are going down. Why don’t you and Lew cut your political and financial losses and start to memorize a new tune: “Do you know the way to San Jose”…..

  3. As a person with Belgian Jews in their family, have to agree with WS – Warble’s scraping the bottom again.

    In future, Warb, think first, THEN type.

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