Warm Springs Protest Pictures

I stopped by the anti-stadium protest outside Warm Springs Elementary School this evening. I know I’ll get criticized for whatever estimate I make, but I’d say about 300 people were there. I didn’t see any cops to make an equally unscientific estimate for me.

It didn’t match the spectacle of last week’s protest outside Weibel Elementary.  Fewer people, fewer handmade signs, less cohesive chants. The protesters lined a block of Warm Springs Boulevard (only the east side) in front of the elementary school, where the A’s had planned to hold a small community meeting about their stadium plans for a site near the planned Warm Springs BART station. The meeting was canceled.

I didn’t talk to enough people to get a sense if most of the protesters were people from the Weibel neighborhood, which would be closest to the proposed stadium, or if they were from other parts of the city/Warm Springs. Last week’s protest was in the heart of the Weibel neighborhood and most of the people I talked to lived there. 

This protest won’t just be on Chinese language TV. KTVU was there.

One of two of the below photos will run in Wednesday’s Argus/Daily Review. Here they are:

Matt Artz


  1. Number of people: I was one of the people who struggled to get there as soon as I could, and ended up arriving about 6:45 or 6:50 pm. There were plenty of others also arriving around the same time. Even while I was there I saw the number of people increase by about 25% beyond what it was when I arrived. I believe the peak numbers to have been about 500 to 600 people at least, but it was hard to gauge since folks were spread out across a large distance. Yes, it was a quieter rally. I live in Warm Springs, though, and I recognized and greeted many people I know from the immediate area. Certainly Warm Springs residents were well represented.

  2. I agree– it was a positive rally but part of the reason it was quieter was that the A’s backed out. The numbers were down too because the A’s backed out. It was also along a MAJOR road and so was spread out.

    The participants were supported by passing card honking, and each time clusters of vehicles went by, the protestors chanted. Most of the people were from the Warm Springs neighborhood (not Weibel) but there were also people from Niles and Glenmore present.

  3. Good show of unity among Fremonters. Thanks to whoever started Fremont Citizens Network. It galvanized the entire Fremont nation and City Hall is on notice. Every action by the City Hall will be scrutinized from now onwards.

  4. Awesome job you guys!! let’s meet in front of Weibel on Thursday night.. don’t want to let these guys think that we are all weaklings that will let them do whatever they want here in our city with our tax dollars!!

  5. Matt – I love your thinking and agree with you 100% – but, scrutinizing the actions of these folks and bringing them into the light of day will only create a possible consequence come the next election – – – – by then, Wasserman and Why-cow-ski move on to greener pastures.

    The A’s stadium moves full steam ahead.

    There is no mechanism (as far as I can tell) to prevent the A’s stadium or the Quan appointment from going forward. They are both completely flawed – but I fear that the Fremont public missed their opportunity to arrest this kind of arrogance last year at election time.

  6. Romper room that is what it looked like. A collection of cry babies and sore loser that do not understand anything. There was an estamaited 300 idiots out on the street protestong aginst a project that could bring millions of dollars to the city. Wait why would we want to do that? Hell if I was rich or could even afford a house in Warm Springs I would not worried about money either.

    I would rather see the project at the Pacific Common site over the Warm Springs location. But really think that WE as a City need this project to help SAVE the City of Fremont. NUMMI seems that it could close it doors at any time just like GM did in I think 1981.
    How much do you thinlk the City would lose in tax money there?

    Support the Stadium!!!!

  7. Smalls: I am not sure why you resort to name calling and ignore the facts. Sure we don’t like the propect of being prisoners in our homes nor do we relish being stuck in traffic trying to get home. But for all of this local reduction in life and property values NO STADIUM HAS EVER MADE NET MONEY. This is a fact and that effects everybody who pays taxes in Fremont. This means taking employment and sales taxes and subtracting costs, it has never worked out. So while you belittle those folks who care about their community, this is really about you. And even if you don’t pay taxes in Fremont you cannot go north or south on 680 or 880 during games. What is the eonomic and environmental costs of all that wasted time and resources?
    So smalls, let’s keep the conversation on the facts of the issue since my hope is that the best decision is made for all of Fremont and the surrounding area when all the facts are brought out.

  8. W/S that is my opion just like yours. A prisoner in your own home give me a break. You are so trapped in a 3/4 quaters of a million dollar home with a big screen and other luxuury’s BOO HOO!! So dramatic. A stadium brings in people that spend MONEY!!

    I am aginst the Warm Springs site but the sight at Pacific Common makes sense.

  9. W/S Resi

    I find it funny that you did not mention Worble about name calling and ignoreing the facts?

    Is that because he supports your opion? I think you are just a HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!

  10. Smalls,
    Perhaps your opinion would carry a little more weight if you could actually spell and/or craft a coherent sentence. As it is, your comments in opposition make you look stupid. You need to do some research into your flawed observation that a stadium brings in people who spend money. Surely, money is spent, but the cost to the city will far exceed any income. Did you buy your house expecting to have a stadium within walking distance? Or do you even have such an investment in this city?

  11. Smalls I have never named called. all I ever say is. RECALL W-ASS-ERMAN!!!
    Who’s crying now? That would be you Smalls.

  12. OK, Smalls. It’s increasing obvious that reason and logic aren’t going to work for you. Time to approach you in terms that you understand.

    Smalls is bad. He smells and is ugly. My doggy said he would not let him pet him.

  13. Read these two comments and if you can add 2+2 you should be able to get the message…

    “Wolff planned to build a huge commercial development a few miles to the East of the freeway on a 143-acre parcel called Pacific Commons that would include retails and more than 3,000 housing units. Wolff acknowledged recently that the downturn in the economy and the housing market made those plans unfeasible.”
    Scott Sabatini
    Examiner article

    “Our police and fire departments are stretched beyond thin right now, and our services have been dysfunctional at best for years,” Diaz said. “All of (those services) will have to be paid for by the stadium deal — that’s the baseball village part of it.”
    Fred Diaz, COF City Manager
    Argus article dated 6/5/06, titled “Fremont may not be able to afford the A’s”

  14. I saw Wasserman at the City Council meeting. He does not look healthy. In fact I think he may even be dead already.
    Upon observing his actions, it appeared he was being manipulated like a puppet from someone near him. It Could have been Lew or Keith Wolff under the table.

    If this is sounding like “Weekend at Bernies” remember the A’s best friend is the Fremont City Council and Mayor.

  15. Smalls: I was thinking the same thing that others have said. Your name is very appropriate for you. You act like a “big” man, but you’re really a “smalls” man. Educate yourself and don’t resort to name calling. Why do you even bring up home sizes and big screen TV’s? Grow up, it is irrelevant.

  16. Skin Dog – you are a riot! I laughed so loud when I read your comment that the other people in my office wanted to know what was up. We all work for another local city; your comments were universally appreciated.

    Poor Bob is truly the Rodney Dangerfield of mayors.

  17. It has been interesting to observe which factions seem to degenerate into the personalized assualts and name calling more frequently.

    Certainly all factions have their share – but, I am surprised at the frequency with which the pro-A’s faction seem to HAVE to resort to this bottom line tactic. . . . we have frequently started out with a seemingly common sense discussion but Smalls, Warble and others invariably get around to the name calling when challenged by factual data.

    Still wondering how our City Council can rationalize ANY advantage from this proposed development in the presence of virtually universal opposing data – Bob W, Bob W, Anu – please dont continue to wait for “staff reports” – data is publically accessible and substantiated by a wide variety of responsible institutions of various political backing.


    Protest at city hall where the Mayor and Planning Members sit. Call them out for a discussion and challenge them at the street.


  19. Will someone please tell me when the next protest may be?
    I want to participate. I am damned angry over this. Mr. Wasserman is ignonring the will of the people of Fremont not only by selecting the new fremont council woman chair who is pro Oakland As here, but by not allowing residents to vote on it.
    Is there a website I can plug into to find out about a protest?
    Too bad Mr. Wasserman was elected. I didn’t vote for him!

  20. Maureen –

    According to the Fremont Citizen’s Network website, the next protest is scheduled for:

    Protest Against the A’s at Fremont Marriott
    February 24, 2009 from 12pm to 2pm

    You may want to visit the FCN website at http://www.fremontcitizensnetwork.org/

    Yes, you need to join to view events, which kinda ticked me off at first, but who says you have to give them more than your e-mail address? You can make up an address and phone if you’re not comfortable giving that info out until you get to know the people involved a little better.

    I hope you will join and get involved – welcome to the fight!

  21. Fremont Lifer, I too was a bit annoyed by yet another site asking me to become a member before being able to access the information. FCN is working on a new site that will NOT require you to sign in. Stay tuned.

  22. Fremont Lifer:

    If you can’t take the time to join FCN (30 seconds), then are you really going to contribute to the cause to stop a city council gone crazy? Not being insensitive, but practical.

    Privacy is a legitimate concern — so setup another email address and join (you never have to give out your real name in any case). Add about 60 seconds for this.

    By the way FCN is hosted on Ning.com. This allows for an “instant” social network to be setup.

  23. Dearest No –

    I have been a member of the FCN site for quite a while now. An active member.

    Living in this town all my life has taught me to be very careful about putting my personal information out where people I don’t know yet can access it. That’s practical.

    I explained this to the FCN Site Administrator when I joined, and they were OK with it. In return, they got a productive partner in working to defeat the stadium proposal.

    Sometimes when you give a little to get a lot.

  24. Smalls: Good point that that name calling is useless for all parties. I was really meaning this for everyone, but in my haste I was not complete.

  25. As a San Jose resident I want to thank those that opposed the stadium.

    Your mayor was trying to do what is best for Fremont. Can you imagine the recognition Fremont would get, and the showcasing of the city during nationally televised games. And having Cisco associated with the project, not to mention the Wolfe family, who have done so much for other communities. Then theres all the other businesses that a stadium would attract to the city..geez you people are nuts.

    What else are you going to do with that open space? Let it sit there for the next 20 years for the Canada Geese to poop on…hoping that something else will come along…like Lowes and Kohls, that’ll be awesome!

    Thank you for keeping the dream alive for San Jose!

  26. SJ – you’re welcome! I hope, and I believe that a lot of us here in Fremont hope, that San Jose and the A’s will be very happy with eachother for a long time to come.

    By the way, we don’t try to tell y’all what to do with San Jose – please butt out of local Fremont issues that you obviously don’t know anything about. We live here, not you. You live in San Jose – good luck with that.

  27. It’s always Mr Wolff’s dream in San Jose. Fremont is never his first choice. You should thank Costco and ProLogis. The residents only got into the play later (very late of the game).

  28. Irvington,

    I wasn’t telling you what to do with your city. I merely asked a question. And you answered, you would rather have open space for the Canada Geese to poop on than a ballpark. To each his own. I get it.

    You act like they were going to chop down an ancient redwood grove or something.

    Wasn’t this a privately funded thing? The only costs to the city would have been for improvement of roads, and some other city “IMPROVEMENTS”.

  29. No, the A’s weren’t going to chop down any redwoods. They were just going to destroy a stable, quiet residential neighborhood. Alternatively, they could have wiped out the business of their neighbors at Pacific Commons, at a time when the economy is doing a pretty good job of that already.

    One of the problems, which you would know about if you visited the Fremont Citizen’s Network website, was that the income that the City would have received from the stadium would have been been far less than the cost to repair the damage done to the roads by the people going to and from the stadium. I’m not going into all of the other problems, because you can find them online if you’re interested.

    And don’t sell yourself short, No, of course you were trying to tell us what to do with our town. It’s clear from your post. Don’t wimp out now, and mind your business.

  30. Correction – the last post was to my pal SJ Native, not to NoAs

  31. Irvington,

    I just want to understand your logic, because I think your view about the quiet neighborhood sounds like you are more concerned about yourself and your own situation rather than whats good for the rest of Fremont, or the Bay Area for that matter.

    When you are looking at a project like a Professional Sports Venue, you cannot just look at the revenue that it brings in by itself. There are other factors to consider. It would have brought a lot of recognition to Fremont, and again, the beautiful video shots to showcase the city during the game would only attract people and businesses to fill in vacant office space/land, and bring people from outside to patronize ALL businesses in Fremont.

    How would the stadium hurt Pacific Commons business and who told you that? Lowes and Kohls?

    You’re arguement appears short sighted and missing the bigger picture. I could be wrong though, help me understand. I saw your slideshow and it just seems like opinions.

  32. SJ,

    For starters, I don’t live anywhere near the Warm Springs area, although I am a life-long Fremont resident. Residents from all parts of the City came together, once they educated themselves about the significant down-sides of the project (which are, again, available at the Fremont Citizen’s Network site) and were successful in our insistence that our local representatives take our opinions into consideration.

    Yes, it was reported that several local businesses informed the A’s, the City and the County that the stadium would have negative impacts upon their operation. If memory serves, the problems related mainly to delays in just-in-time delivery of inventory due to traffic impacts and parking issues. This information is also available at the Fremont Citizen’s Network website.

    Not all Fremont residents seek recognition for Fremont; at least, not all types of recognition. We are already recognized as the City where the PD does not respond to burgular alarms. We are the City that builds a water park during a drought. We are the City that, until recently, had the most useless and God-awfully ugly City Hall on the West coast. We are the City where the Mayor ignores qualified Planning Commission candidates and appoints bobble-heads who agree with any position he takes. We were also almost recognized as the City where our City Council does not respond to the electorate; fortunately, we were able to nip that one in the bud.

    Yes, there are other factors to consider, but if the revenue is not there, all the “beautiful video” in the world isn’t going to pay for the police and fire services, road maintenance, and public transportation that a stadium would require. We were able to demonstrate, to a reasonable degree of certainty, that the stadium would have been a revenue loss for the City of Fremont. (again, the website)

    It is becoming increasing evident that local residents expect to play a larger role in the evaluation of major projects here in town and we continue to organize to facilitate this change. If you wish to participate in this process, I encourage you to move here or open a business here. Failing that, I remain unclear on how any of this is your business. Are you trying to give the A’s back?

  33. There are individuals on both sides of this argument who will grind the vision and economic data in favor of their personal economic or civic interests.

    Those who wish to make an unbiased decision need to look at and consider information from uninvolved sources. In so doing, one quickly comes to an obvious truth –

    THOSE WHO HAVE NO ECONOMIC OR CIVIC INTEREST in a particular stadium or community CONSISTANTLY assert data and opinion that strongly suggests that there are little or no economic advantage (this includes estimates of the direct and indirect costs/benefits) to a major sports venue for the surrounding community(ies).

    Those who assert otherwise possess either strong economic or emotional incentive to do so – or operate on behalf of those who do.

  34. Got to hand it to the FCN, they sure can create a good slide show.

    I have made this my business, Irvington, because you engaged me, so I want to understand what the underlying issue is by asking questions.

    I went on the website, again, seems like opinion and disputable facts. As far as the City recognition goes, you are now known as the City that didn’t want a professional sports team. And that was your doing.

    As far as Kohls and Lowes being threatened by this project, I’m sure the other businesses like the restaurants would have loved to have more people cruising by. I find it difficult to swallow that the minimal amount of time where there would be traffic would kill Lowes, Costco, Kohls, and NUMMI business. Gimme a break. There is something else they haven’t told you. And you ate up their propaganda. I’m thinking those businesses really helped organize a good portion of this. Am I right?

    And you missed my point about how the stadium would attract more businesses which would pay taxes, so don’t just look at what the stadium brings by itself.

    Just my opinion though, I really hope you are able to do something with those 2 large pieces of land that will bring additional value to your city.

  35. San jose,

    Thanks for hanging in, it geta a little rough, but some info does get out. The info I saw came from varied organizations from the New York Times to conserevative think tanks(Heritage) . These studies concluded that there is rarely (wrigley field was cited as an exceptiom) any net positive economic benefits associated with stadiums. All we saw was how great these were, no caution was expressed

  36. Yes, we are the City that didn’t want a sports team.

    Yes, that was our doing.

    If you want to know what the businesses you mentioned thought, and why they took the actions they took, ask them.

    We are not business-averse. We welcome businesses which bring skilled, well-paid, long-term, full-time, green jobs.

    The stadium here is over.

  37. Interesting, now Oakland plans to fight to keep the A’s since San Jose has been mentioned as a new home. I must have missed it, but I don’t remember hearing that when Fremont was mentioned. Is it possible Oakland didn’t see Fremont as a serious venue? Check out the KPIX video:

  38. “We welcome businesses which bring skilled, well-paid, long-term, full-time, green jobs.”

    This is a vague nonsensical statement.

  39. SJ Native says-

    “I went on the website, again, seems like opinion and disputable facts.”

    Which website was that, SJ – the “Fremont A’s” or “FCN” website. Whatever your answer – I agree with you – my point being, that your statement applies to both positions equally well.

    Ergo please look at and consider the statements and data supplied by UNINVOLVED THIRD PARTIES – AGAIN for YOUR edification, third parties very consistantly assert a lack of community benefit. Why do you (and other pro-stadium factions) choose to repeatedly ignore this very important distinction ??? Want to argue that a stadium has economic benefit – I suggest you pick up the phone and talk it over with the CATO institute.

    SJ Native says – “I find it difficult to swallow that the minimal amount of time where there would be traffic would kill Lowes, Costco, Kohls” –

    MINIMAL amount of time ???? I guess you are referring to the 2-3 hours before and after each game when arterials and 880 would be pretty well log-jammed – right ? But what about the obvious parking dilemna – how do you prevent a stadium-goer from parking at Lowes for the day when stadium parking is charging $20 each ? And when the Lowes parking lot is full, or at least pretty well tied up – where do Lowes customers park ? So, now the better part of the game-day is pretty well shot – don’t you think ?

    I guess I am shocked that anyone with any ounce of retail sales experience would have looked at the proposed development and felt that Costco, Lowes, and Kohls (and anyone else NOT in the restaraunt business) COULD have supported this thing.

    I hope that San Jose can prove the unbiased “experts” wrong. Good luck.

  40. I watched the KPIX video news report again I mentioned in an earlier post. Two comments made seemed significant in the scheme of things:
    1)”…big cities need to plan.”(talking about San Jose having prepared a downtown ballpark site years ago) – Nora Campos, San Jose City Council Member

    2)”Public (San Jose) support will ultimately decide this because any new stadium proposal requires voter approval.”
    – Len Ramierez, KPIX Reporter

  41. WS,

    I think the studies from 3rd parties are important, but I also think the Bay Area is an exception. A stadium anywhere in the Bay Area, especially a state of the art one, will bring the people.

    Bbox, I don’t appreciate your tone. You must be a Lowes Exec. I speak from experience in attending games. There usually is traffic, I will agree, but the only time it has been unbearable is when Caltrans has lanes closed down. I still say that the traffic time “inconvenience” would be minimal. Where would I find the 3rd party information so I can poke holes in that for you?

    The CATO Institute study you are referring to is regarding Government Funded facilities, not privately funded.

  42. SJ Native “doesnt appreciate my tone …” ??!

    Wow – given that this is a text-based dialogue, I’m not sure what “tone” you are referring to. And your SWAG as to my career or relationship to any PAC COMMONS business interest is way off the mark. I have no interests or relationship with any business anywhere in Fremont.

    I guess I dont know where to start with such broad and unsubstantiated opinions. I’m certainly not going to debate opinion . . . . I encourage you to do as others have who have been considering this for . . . . let’s see my posts on the A’s stadium I think started two years ago . . . . anyway, do some research. Ignore what those with an economic interest in a stadium or associated real-estate/business spew forth as gospel – look for independant analysis and data.

    When you’ve assembled solid data to substantiate your position – let me know. Anecdotes and “pretty visions” don’t count – we’re talking about an investment decision here . . . .

    You’ll find loads of 3rd party links scattered around this BLOG – With a touch more initiative A quick GOOGLE will get you very quickly to a boatload of independant analysis.

    Amazon will ship you some good reading material on the topic.

  43. Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums now wants to keep the A’s.
    “A’s games generate millions of dollars in revenue and create thousands of jobs. Much of the revenue and many of these jobs are critical to inner-city Oakland.”

    Do you remember him making that plea two years ago when Wolff & Co. announced the team’s intention of moving to Fremont? I don’t.

    Once again a political figure talking in vague generalities, “millions…in revenue,” and “thousands of jobs.” Please, somebody present the actual stats. Exactly how much revenue has been generated and how many jobs created? That is, how many full-time jobs? I do agree with his statement, “…these jobs are critical to inner-city Oakland.”

  44. SJ Native says – “There usually is traffic, I will agree, but the only time it has been unbearable is when Caltrans has lanes closed down. I still say that the traffic time “inconvenience” would be minimal.”

    I *think* SJ Native is referring to the existing traffic problems on the 880/S. Fremont corridor. Observations about the seriousness of current traffic offer little in the way of evidence as to how serious these problems might be with the proposed development.

    Here’s ONE traffic point for your consideratin SJN – Getting vehicle traffic off the 880 and into the originally proposed parking West of 880 possessed myriad issues – not the least of which was the convergence of a majority of vehicular traffic exiting at Automall and pedestrian traffic traversing the Automall at Christy street. You had hundreds of fans crossing Automall from the north bringing vehicles exiting 880 to a complete standstill for whatever amount of time it takes to get them across Automall !!

    Now – what do yuh think will happen to the hundreds of vehicles each minute trying to get off 880 during each of these “pedstrian” cycles of the signals ? They bak up 880 is the short answer.

    To their credit – very late in the Pac Commons design, there was a thought that perhaps parking might be found on the East side of 880 with pedestrian flyovers across 880. Good idea ! But, by this time we were beginning to understand the seriousness of the concerns by other business owners in Pac Commons area. (another rather obvious consideration which should have been in ongoing and open discussions from the get go to ensure that we didnt waste Wolfe or Fremont time and resource).

    My personal concerns grew from a few issues such as mentioned above to a far more serious concern that had much more to do with an apparent lack of thinking, planning, and community consensus building on the part of the folks who are supposed to be “expert” at doing these kinds of things.

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