A’s make Warm Springs preference official

I didn’t notice this right away, but the A’s have submitted their new Notice of Preparation, which lists the 260-acres adjacent to the planned Warm Springs BART station as the preferred stadium site.

The paperwork was submitted on Feb. 10. To read it, click here.

The A’s still don’t specify which parcels near the BART station they would purchase for the stadium. Their plan for Warm Springs also includes 10,500 parking spaces, 50,000-square-feet of office space and an 80-room hotel.

As for Pacific Commons, the team changed the proposed ballpark site. It is now slated to go between Christy Street and Interstate 880 on land that I’m pretty sure Wolff owns.

Matt Artz


  1. It would be interesting to know who owns the parcels of land in the area of the proposed Warm Springs stadium. Are the property owners willing to sell? Can they be forced to sell? Will the zoning of those parcels need to changed to allow the stadium and hotel to be built?

    Mayor Wasserman did not wish to put the stadium to a city-wide vote stating they (the city) had all the data, with which to make a decision; data the voting public did not have therefore limiting their ability to make an educated vote. Who supplied the data? The A’s? If so that’s like having the tobacco industry provide the data on the affects of smoking on your health.

  2. NOT SO FAST. The new NOP shows a new location for the ballpark in the PC – further away from the big boxes – as they wanted.

    Even though they say that WS is now their preferred site – you watch – they will play the residents of WS off against the environmental concerns in PC (i.e., traffic on 880 and encroachment near the wetlands).

    The shell game continues! Where is the PUBLIC PROCESS IN ALL OF THIS?

  3. Smalls; I have a hard time agreeing with you on anything – but on this one I must. The attitude from the beginning on this from Wasserman and his henchmen (Diaz and Levine) has been “DONE DEAL.”

  4. I would add that from as long as at least two years ago – the planning going on behind the scene has assumed that there would be a law suite. They have built that assumption into how they are doing business.

  5. Wakeup Fremont. It is time to think and get to know what is going in your own City before it is too late for you to pack up and leave. It is currently being managed by a bunch of out-of-city bureaucrats and their puppets are the Bob Wasserman and his buddies on City Council. They got reelected because of a split in vote in 2008 election. We should not allow them to control our destiny. Time to show up in 1000’s at City Hall on 02/24/09

  6. Right on Matt Zinger!

    Wake up Fremont!

    Let’s look at Wasserman and Diaz’s report card;

    Niles Plaza – when?
    Centerville Site – what and when?
    Capital Avenue / CBD Plan – what, where and when?
    A’s – DONE DEAL – we just don’t know where!

    Summary; F, F, F, and A?

  7. Questions, all I have are questions. Was a hotel in the original baseball village plan or has that been tossed into the hat to sweeten the idea of getting the Warm Springs site approved by the city?

  8. The A’s stadium will be Ten stories high, Thats six stories higher than is currently allowed to be built at the site. The stadium will be one of the tallest structures in Fremont and close to homes. The Fremont Mariott is ten stories.

  9. Doug, as I recall, there was a hotel in the original plan. I’d be curious what the current vacancy rate is at the Marriot. Somehow, I don’t think we have the demand for another hotel.

  10. Remember my earlier post about service jobs and ballplayers giving tips to the bag carriers. I guess Mr. Wolff considers the service attendant jobs at the hotel a sufficient trade off for the part-time jobs at the stadium.

  11. Vinnie, just recently at the council meeting while discussing the budget they were complaining that they aren’t getting as much revenue as anticipated even though the hotel tax passed, due to low vacancy. Let’s build another hotel……

  12. RIGHT YOU ARE Matt Zinger.

    Wake up Fremont.

    Good citizens of Fremont. Take a good look under your bed. Please do not let five people(the city council) seal our fate. We owe it to ourselves and our children. Plan to attend the 2/24/09 city council meeting and let your views be known on the A’s stadium.

    We should be mad as heck and we are not going to take this anymore.

  13. Is there a hotel in the PC plan? It really is hard to tell. They speak of it, but their application is for a “community specific plan” which is a plan without specific details. In state law, a specific plan is one which implements the general plan – a more detailed plan which does not rise to the level of a planned district or a parcel map.

    The plan submitted by the A’s is just over 100 pages in length, but when you take out the renderings and pictures, the text of the land use part of the document is less than 25 pages, including tables of contents.

    An interesting point – under state law, a city council cannot approve an specific plan which is in conflict with the general plan. The general plan is for industrial, which permits a planned district which is out there now. Residential would be in conflict with the general plan. The A’s have submitted a plan which the council cannot approve simply to provide a vehicle for the Environmental Impact Report.

  14. Big Vinnie and Capt Kangroo two sore losers. Look in the mirror boys the only people that agree with you are in this blog. Now I see why you lost the election.

  15. Smalls,

    You know your Captain Fox got reelected because of a split in vote, only got 40%. If the alternative Warm Springs site was disclosed before the election, he should have lost. How come all the elected candidates[all of them were elected because of a split vote] did not actively campaign on the A’s platform. If Wasserman is so confident about A’s being acceptable to Fremont residents, why is he not willing for a City-wide vote once for all and put the issue to rest.

  16. Smalls, someone who resorts to childish name-calling really doesn’t deserve a response. But I’ll give you one anyway.

    How does stating my opinion make me a sore loser? In talking to people during my campaign about the ballpark, people who expressed an opinion opposed it by a factor of about 4 to 1. And what about the 1,000 people who recently protested against this?

    Let’s look at something you said a while back.

    “A stadium brings in people that spend MONEY!!

    “I am aginst (sic) the Warm Springs site but the sight (sic) at Pacific Common (sic) makes sense.”

    Let’s see. The Pacific Commons site is now not the preferred alternative. Why? The businesses there are concerned that the ballpark will DRIVE AWAY people that would come to their stores and spend money. If the stadium would bring in money, why don’t these businesses support it?

    Since it looks like it’s now Warm Springs or nothing, and you’re against that, it sounds like you have no choice but to oppose the ballpark. Welcome to the majority opinion.

  17. OK, everybody please notice something here.

    Vinnie Bacon and Gus Morrison contribute sensible, knowledgeable, and fairly frequent posts to this blog. We could have had BOTH of these people on our City Council right now, but we chose the dopes that we are stuck with now – the dopes who are going to try to stick us with this stadium debacle and God only knows what other boondoggles.

    Have you ever seen a post here from any Council member? From Bobby Wieckowski, Bob Wasserman? They didn’t give up their right to free speech when they were elected. They just don’t care what we think.

    Please, keep this in mind when the next local election cycle rolls around – when Harrison and Nataraian’s seats are open in 2010. Local elections matter.

  18. Smalls, Have a little respect. I think you wouldn’t feel this way about Vinnie if you actually met him. I haven’t met him, but I do believe in his values and ideas. This is why I voted for him in the last election. If you ever get the chance to listen to a council meeting, you might change your opinion on our current members. Wieckowski is very unprofessional, every thing is funny to him and everything is all about green. I have no idea how Wasserman won the election. I didn’t vote for him)I suppose it was because the votes were split between Gus and Steve. On a more positive note to you, I appreciate the fact that you do not want a stadium at WS. This tells me you care about the people that live in close proximity to the site. I feel the same way. Am I correct in saying this? So, please let’s give Vinnie a break. I am hoping he runs next time!

  19. Smalls, there are far more people who support Vinnie and Gus than you realise. They have our respect for bringing intelligent and thoughtful analysis to a tough decision facing our city. You, on the other hand, argue with the intelligence of a five year old who’s upset his mother won’t let him take candy from a stranger.

  20. The published facts regarding economic benefit of stadiums are pretty lopsided and compelling. IRRESPECTIVE OF HOW CONSTRUCTION COSTS ARE FINANCED, economic benefit to surounding communities is non-existant according to a myriad INDEPENDANT sources from various political backing.

    Any indivdiual with who has a half hour of time at their disposal can identify many reliable sources on this matter.

    A city council and mayor that sit quietly by, not expressing great concern for these obvious facts while burying their heads in the sands of “waiting for Staff analysis or other processes” do not serve either the A’s or City of Fremont taxpayers.

    Both entities could be better served if obvious concerns and problems (like those “discovered” after months of work at Pacific Commons) were vetted publically and immediately. . . . Bob, Anu, Bob, we know that the economics of this thing are dubious at best. Can someone PLEASE start NOW, by explaining how these economics have been estimated and how they work to our advantage ?

    By waiting for due process, Council and Mayor delay forward progress with the developer and delay the resolution of myriad economic hurdles that are already identified.

    If a staff report should ever be produced with any projection of positive economic advantage to Fremont, Council members will have an interesting responsibility (liability ?) as they attempt to understand or explain such a massive conflict in conclusions and common sense.

  21. I know one thing Mayor Wasserman and our current weaslely city council members will be under a microscope.

    I am sickened by the fact our elected officials have sold out our community to developers such as the Dutra’s and Wolff’s. The back pocket B.S. deals with developers, and pure ignorance of our Mayor and Council Members will not go unpunished!

  22. The City is trying to create a confusion by providing conflicting dates for the NOP Response. On the website it says you get 30 days, so before March 12. In the email i received from the City Clerk, it says:

    “If you challenge any decision of the City Council in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council at, or prior to, the public hearing.”

    This would mean that the public comments would be allowed only until February 24th ?

    I wrote several times to the City Clerk and several of my neighbors did too. No one has received a clarification. I am wondering if Matt Artz/TCB can ask them?

    Oh! The trouble we have to go through to get a straight answer from our City!

  23. I know it’s a typo. But the city web site says, “…the public has until 4 p.m. on March 12, 2008 to provide written comments…”, 2008? It’s already passed. Wondering how many “mistakes” the city will make, purposely or unpurpose.

  24. I finally got a response from the City Clerk today. They admit they made a mistake. But they are not sending any amended email to everyone yet.

    Here is what they replied:
    Your email inquiry was received this morning. City Hall is closed on the weekend and we were closed on Monday in observance of President’s Day.

    The language you refer to is standard language which does not apply in this situation and shouldn’t have been included in the notice. We apologize for any confusion about this. The public has until March 12, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. to submit comments on the matter.

    Office of the City Clerk
    (510) 284-4060
    (510) 284-4061 Fax

  25. Here is the City’s Notice of Preparation “H” game plan:

    1. combine the Pacific Commons site with the Warm Springs site to confuse the shit out the public.
    Shoehorn the A’s Stadium into Warm Springs first.

    The A’s have left themselves an out and will NEVER build the Pacific Commons development because it will not be “economically feasible”

    2. Have the City Council and City Planners Change the Fremont General Plan and City zoning restrictions that were previously established to protect the good Citizens of Fremont, such as building heights 60 feet over the current limit, landuse,setbacks, huge parking lots, etc. to make it Eesier for the friendly A’s to build a stadium 800 yard from Weibel Elementary school.

    3. Lie with a smile on your face that an A’s Stadium will not cost the Fremont taxpayer a dime.

    Warmsprings A’s stadium will be the offical Wassermanville, and a case study for reckless, irresponsible city planning.

  26. Well, NUMMI carries a lot of weight when it comes to our local economy. Fred Diaz expressed that by stating he was more concerned with NUMMI than the A’s.

    “If the plan is to announce officially Warm Springs as a primary site, please only issue an NOP (notice of preparation) in which the precise location of the ballpark and the surrounding proposed development along with all of the infrastructure improvements are clearly delineated.” This comment from NUMMI hopefully will eliminate Green Room’s point no. 1.

    NUMMI raised the same concerns I have expressed, who the heck is going to pay for the extensive and expensive improvement of street arteries required all around the Warm Springs site including I-680?

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