Fremont: Even Mormons find it boring

Ever since the whole Warm Springs stadium thing came to light, I’ve been asking people about it wherever I go. Last night, I was in my new favorite place, Joe’s Corner – the former rowdy Niles watering hole turned clean and sober club – for part of feature I’m doing on open mic venues in Fremont.

Full Disclosure: I find fermentation to be a very overrated process, but Joe’s is fun even if you wish you could have a beer. It has a super-eclectic crowd, including a fair number of  bikers and Mormons last night. A group of singing Mormon missionaries started showing up there recently. They call themselves the Mormanachis. They were great.

Anyway, I was talking to one woman, who happens to be Mormon, about the stadium. She said she was probably OK with it, but that she and her husband wanted to leave Fremont anyway because there’s nothing to do. It got me thinking that if observant Mormons find Fremont boring, that’s a pretty bad sign.

As for my very unscientific polling, which doesn’t include the anti-stadium protests, I’d say a few more people have told me they’d support the stadium. But they’re more likely to be lukewarm in their support, whereas the people who say they oppose a stadium seem more dead set against it.

Matt Artz