Fremont: Even Mormons find it boring

Ever since the whole Warm Springs stadium thing came to light, I’ve been asking people about it wherever I go. Last night, I was in my new favorite place, Joe’s Corner – the former rowdy Niles watering hole turned clean and sober club – for part of feature I’m doing on open mic venues in Fremont.

Full Disclosure: I find fermentation to be a very overrated process, but Joe’s is fun even if you wish you could have a beer. It has a super-eclectic crowd, including a fair number of  bikers and Mormons last night. A group of singing Mormon missionaries started showing up there recently. They call themselves the Mormanachis. They were great.

Anyway, I was talking to one woman, who happens to be Mormon, about the stadium. She said she was probably OK with it, but that she and her husband wanted to leave Fremont anyway because there’s nothing to do. It got me thinking that if observant Mormons find Fremont boring, that’s a pretty bad sign.

As for my very unscientific polling, which doesn’t include the anti-stadium protests, I’d say a few more people have told me they’d support the stadium. But they’re more likely to be lukewarm in their support, whereas the people who say they oppose a stadium seem more dead set against it.

Matt Artz


  1. “Joe’s is fun even if you wish you could have a beer. It has a super-eclectic crowd”

    Recovering alcoholics are some of the biggest nut balls around. And those who would hang out in legendary dive bar converted in the spirit of Bill W are just batshit crazy.

    I may just stop by for a smoothie.

  2. This chat about Fremont being boring is almost too dumb to even address. Sure, Fremont’s not your town if you’re looking to swing from the chandeliers, but not everybody wants that. There are other places, not too far away, that can fill that niche for you quite nicely.

    Clean streets, good schools, appropriate policing, adequate open space – give us that and you can call us boring all day.

  3. Amen, Irvington.

    Is it boring to go to Central Park to ride a bike, rollerblade, fly a kite, play softball, soccer, golf, tennis, volleyball or a get up game of ultimate frisbee, have a bbq picnic, take a nature walk through Stivers Lagoon, rent a paddleboat, attend a free summer’s evening concert or join a morning tai chi class?

    Oh, the water park? Yeah, I guess that too.

  4. Add a bona fide 18-hole golf course and I’m with you, guys. Maybe an indoor children’s activity center too, like SJ’s discovery museum.

    Doug, how are the ladies lookin’ at that morning tai chi class?

  5. Matt, seriously, Steve should really slap your wrists for your blatant disdain of the city you cover.

  6. Marty, it all depends on what age group you travel in. How about at Joe’s Corner?

  7. I have no problem with Fremont being boring. This is why we all choose to stay here so we can raise our families and run our businesses in peace. The bored mormons can go to wherever they find it more exciting.

    If the City really wanted to spice it up, they should have really put real city planners in the planning commission instead of politicos and/or lawyers who have no clue about city planning and development.

    The city also lost in the lack of planning of the Pacific Commons area. They could have really made it a pedestrian friendly complex instead of us having to drive from the restaurant to the coffee shop. Another example of lack of planning expertise in the City. And now Wasserman wants to add Lisa Quan, lawyer to the developers in Fremont, to the City Planning Commission, because she was not predisposed to any position about City planning. Meaning, Wasserman can say and do whatever and she is likely to say “Yes, Mr. Mayor”. And then we have a spineless city council (with the exception of Mr. Bob Weickowski, who asked to interview Ms. Quan, but after it became a fiasco), who have no courage or conviction to question Wasserman’s lack of judgement.

    If the citizens want Fremont to develop the way they want to, they need to speak out against the atrocious bad decisions the elected officials have been making over and over in our City. If you agree, may I suggest that you speak at the city council tomorrow and let them know your opinions.

  8. I agree with you, D Alur, particularly on the need to have real city planners on the Council and the Planning Commission. If Fremont is going to grow, we might as well have the assistance of people who know what the heck they’re doing.

    Not to sound like a broken record, but for the benefit of those of who who don’t already know, we had the opportunity to have Vinnie Bacon (who has graduate degrees in both City Planning and Transportation Engineering) on the City Council instead of the dopes who got elected, but not enough of us marked our ballots for Vinnie.

    Mr. Bacon also applied for the currently open Planning Commission seat, but Our Mayor did not feel that Mr. Bacon’s qualifications warranted even interviewing him for the appointment.

    If we’re lucky, Mr. Bacon will run for Council again.

    If you are interested in telling the Council what you think about Our Mayor’s choice for the Planning Commission, this item is on the agenda for the next Council meeting this coming Tuesday – tomorrow, 2/17.

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