Water Park News

Fremont’s new water park scheduled to open this May in Central Park is not going use as much water as the water district said it would, says the city’s Parks and Recreation Director Annabell Holland.

The district estimated the water park will use about 6.2 million gallons of water — equivalent to about 50 Homes. But Holland said that’s incorrect.

Here is her rough estimate:

Average Water Customer  = 127,000 gallons per year

1 Time/Year Draining of Pools:
300,000 initial fill
660,000 Seasonal Maintenance
222,000 Off Season Maintenance
1,182,000 gallons estimated per year

which is the equivalent of 9.3 households

Before you ask, Doug, I don’t have time today to go back to the water folks and figure this out.

Also, Holland said that so far the city has sold more than 750 season passes and scheduled 30 birthday parties, which she said were pretty strong figures. Time will tell.

Matt Artz