Wasserman is not optimistic

Just talked to the mayor:

He said it’s pretty obvious that the proposed ballpark site between the planned BART station and Interstate 680 is NOT going to work.

Why does he think Wolff bailed on the Feb. 24 meetings:
Mayor: “I think he sees the impact of the large volume of protests. The way they conduct themselves I think is bad for them, it’s bad for the city, it’s bad for everybody except their own vested interest. And I think that’s the cause.”

Do you think the A’s are done with Fremont:
Mayor: They haven’t made that decision. I think they need to regroup. They need to look at ProLogis still. We haven’t even had a chance to look at that. I don’t know what to expect next. Maybe nothing. Maybe we’ve lost the opportunity.

What does NUMMI think about the A’s in Warm Springs?
Mayor: They say they’re opposed. The ideal site is on NUMMI land, but they won’t cooperate.

How can protests of several hundred people derail this thing?
Mayor: (Only speculating) I suspect that Major League Baseball doesn’t like to have this kind of thing. It’s not good for them.

Matt Artz