Fremont cancels NOP Process for A’s

Conspiracy theorists among the stadium opponents can turn their attention elsewhere. Fremont has stopped the NOP process for the A’s. That means no public comments for the environmental impact report. If the A’s are going to move forward in Fremont, their going to have to start that aspect of the environmental review all over again.

Matt Artz

  • Fremont Resident 200001


    The information FCN has received from the City (e.g. Kelly Deikmann et al.) yesterday has been the draft EIR has been put on HOLD, but that the comment period is still running and that all comments must still be submitted by the March 12th deadline.

    Is the information you are receiving that the whole thing has been cancelled or withdrawn by the A’s?

  • Fremont Lifer

    Not so fast, Matt -

    I’m in the school that still sees conspiracies around the Kennedy assasintation, so I’m not going to believe that the stadium project is dead until I personally see the stake driven into its heart.

    It’s a good sign, but definitely not the checkered flag (how’s that for mixed metaphors?).

  • Ten Story Stadium

    This is wrong!
    I just spoke with Mr. Kelly Diekmann of the Planning Department and he said they are Still accepting comments for the February 11th, Notice of Preparation wit a Due Date of March 12th, 2009.

  • Fremont Lifer

    Hmmm – the plot thickens!

  • papa bear


    Don’t see this announcement on the city website..

    Are you sure?

  • Matt Artz

    I’m sure.

  • Brian


    Is it just the NOP for WS that is cancelled?

    What about the draft EIR for the PC (original NOP submitted in Nov. 2008)? Do you know if that is also cancelled?

    A’s may pull out of NOP for WS, but does not change the situation that WS is STILL the alternative site for the original NOP and that A’s STILL wants to build a stadium in Fremont. Stadium in Fremont, regardless of location, will still cost residents money and traffic headaches.

    Conspiracy theorists may still need to focus on Fremont.

  • http://www.fremontcitizensnetwork.org D Alur

    Matt you are probably wrong or being misled by the machinery. And you are not helping, but adding to the confusion. Can you get an official statement from the City on what this all means? I have been unsuccessful in understanding this.

    Here is the official reply from Kelly Deikmann, Sr. City Planner of Fremont, which specifically states that “NO CLOCKS HAVE STOPPED”.

    What gives ?

    ———————Begin Communication —————-
    From: Kelly Diekmann
    Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 7:34 AM
    Subject: Re: confirming Lew’s comments yesterday–is stadium on hold?

    No clocks have been stopped, the A’s have yet to fund the cost of preparing the draft eir for the revised Warm Springs project description and that is why the project is on hold as the A’s have said.

    Kelly Diekmann
    Senior Planner
    City of Fremont
    ph# 510-494-4540

    >>> Following sent On 02/18/2009 1:40 PM >>>
    Thank you so much for clarifying. So, though the EIR is on hold, the NOP response time runs on. Our responses still need to be in by the 12th to be included in the now suspended EIR. Why?

    Sounds a bit weird to me that the response period does not also go on hold…isn’t that a little misleading? Lew has set an impression that “the whole thing is on hold”, but the only portion that doesn’t actually stop is the community response window?!

    Is there any way to put that “on hold” as well…seeing as the rest of the clock has been stopped? Can you tell me who could help me with that decision?

    — On Wed, 2/18/09, Kelly Diekmann wrote:
    From: Kelly Diekmann
    Subject: Re: confirming Lew’s comments yesterday–is stadium on hold?
    Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 12:09 PM

    Based on the direction I have received from above, all work on the EIR is suspended for the time being as was indicated in the news stories. The NOP period will run its course since that has already begun so we will accept comments though March 12th, but nothing else is to occur.

    Kelly Diekmann
    Senior Planner
    City of Fremont
    kdiekmann@ci. fremont.ca. us
    ph# 510-494-4540

    >>> Sent following On 02/18/2009 10:09 AM >>>
    Hi Kelly,
    Just wanted to touch base with you to confirm Lew’s comments about putting the project on hold (Matt Artz articles everywhere). Is the city actually stopping the EIR and any analysis? Is this project stopped, for the time being, or is Lew just publicly wishful thinking, again?

    I wanted to confirm because Jill, Harvey and Fred indicated that he did not actually have a handle on the bureaucracy.
    Thanks for your help.
    ———————End Communication —————-

  • Stop the nonsense

    The city council will accept any public comment on any subject at any city council meeting. That is part of the normal council procedures.

    Therefore, public comments on the A’s NOP WILL be accepted at the 2/24 city council meeting.

    Remember, there is nothing that the A’s have _officially_ stated that they have stopped plans for the stadium. And, even if there was, there is nothing that would stop them from changing their minds and saying that the NOP is going on as orginally submitted.

    If there was something that was official, then the city should be able to produce an official document that states that the A’s have formally withdrawn their proposal. That NOT happened. Therefore, the NOP is going on as NORMAL.

    Don’t be fooled by the UNOFFICIAL public comments. They are UNOFFICIAL. Show up on 2/24 to the city council and express your opinions.

  • Ten Story Stadium

    Bottom Line, the public needs to submit their comments on the February 11th, Notice of Preparation (NOP), No Later than 4pm February the 12th.

    The comments for the NOP will be used to prepare the Draft EIR which will include the Warm Springs Site as the Preferred site. (I suspect the A’s are trying to limit public comments)

    Legal challenges to the Warm Springs stadium related decisions by the Fremont City Council will be limited to comments raised at the public hearing or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council.

    The City has botched the process
    The Wolffs are not to be trusted

  • Fremont Lifer

    Now THAT’s the City government that I remember!

    Matt, don’t get me wrong; I appreciate your work here. I really do. But it’s time to realize that you can only believe about half of what the City tells you. As a reporter, they see you as a means to an end; that end being mis-leading the public that they were elected/hired to serve. At City Hall, a lie has many fathers, but the truth is an orphan.

    So, go on reporting what the City tells you, but please be aware that what they tell you is no more reliable than what you read here from posters or hear from somebody on the street.

  • Fremont sucks

    HAHAHA!!! Now, I hope SJ blows up in Lew’s face! If they don’t stay in Oakland, they can leave the state for all I care…

  • San Jose A’s

    Humm—so Lew Wolff is a liar and cheat not to be trusted—-Wow—the guy who wanted to invest $1.5B of his own money in a city that has “no there”–no reason for anyone else who doesn’t live “there” to ever want to go “there”–that is best known for its NUMMI plant that is slowing production and will probably close at some point in the near future—

    Better start looking at how your going to fill your city coffers and fund your schools once NUMMI leaves because there won’t be anyone else who wants to touch this city with a 10 foot pole-

    As far as Fremont Sucks is concerned–obviously a true A’s fan—as a true A’s fan here I will be happy to see them stay in the bay area–whether it be Fremont, San Jose or even Oakland—-as long as it is a new stadium where they can compete—