A’s supporters to “Step up to the Plate”

For a moment, it seemed like the pro A’s rally might not happen, but it is on. A rally in support of the A’s move to Fremont is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Saddle Rack, 42011 Boscell Road.

The drinks aren’t free.

Matt Artz


  1. Marty,

    In the future, if you want to make me aware of something, you can simply say “Vinnie, are you aware …” You don’t need to start a blog which questions whether I’m a racist or not. You’ve really hurt your credibility by doing the latter.

    I don’t mind anonymous bloggers, as long as they treat everyone with respect. There are some anonymous bloggers on this site who do just that and I’m very glad they’re here.

  2. I’ve read Irv’s post #5 above, and I don’t see where it mentions a boycott. It appears to be primarily about media coverage.

    D, in his comment #7 above, is merely acknowledging that people have the right to make up their own minds about attending the Saddlerack “rally”. That old independent thought thing again; it can be so inconvenient.

  3. OK Marty. Let’s call it a truce. I wrote the last blog (#51) without seeing your post (#50). So, I was still rather bitter. I’m ready to drop it and move on.

  4. Congrats, Vinnie – your last post got me to erase the comment I was going to send regarding Marty’s credibility.

    You make me want to be a better person (in a totally hetero, non-mushy way, of course).

  5. Lifer, credibility is a negligible issue when posting under anonymous handles on the internet. If you are interested in credibility, then post your name. Until, you’ll have to concede that you’ve done a fine job of polishing the reputation of nothing.

    Moreover, if I have tried to make anything more obvious over my tenure of posting here is that I can absolutely care less about my “reputation” as “Marty”. This in fact THE place I come walk the fringes.

    That being said, I will concede a mistake when I make one, just for the sake of keeping a ray of civility.

    I am also acknowledging the fact that posters on the internet are fundamental pussies in that they’d never say the things they write, nor would they engage in the the same vindictive and petty acts they engage in on the net.

    That is exactly why there will be no petty boycott, and this is exactly why Vinnie did not deserve to have childish and petty accusations directed at him, so they have been removed.

    Now Lifer, if you’d like to continue the banter toward defining the who’s who of anonymous internet bickering then of course, I am game.

  6. Yeah, Marty, it just knocks you out that this site allows screen names, doesn’t it? You and Dirk and his pals just love to trot that old horse out and run it around the track.

    Is your contempt for what you call “anonymous” postings reserved for me, or do you feel that all posters here who use screen names are “pu@@ies”?

    Anyway, I’m glad you and Vinnie have made peace. I’d tell you that I think he’s a good guy, but then you’d probably be all up in his grill again.

    I’m also glad to hear that you have decreed that there will be no boycott.

    How do I know your name is Marty?

  7. Actually, the fact that this site allows anonymous screen names is a requisite for me posting to it. I thought I made myself clear when including myself in with the flaws (or benefits) of anonymity, with the caveat that I really dont care.

    I am pleased with Vinnie’s responses as well. And even though I admitted I probably jumped the gun in inferring blanket FCN support for a boycott, the fact remains that every single FCN affiliate (with the exception of Vinnie) on this thread has shown to be friendly to the idea.

    So the virtue of independent thought that you extol as a means of promotion your ‘reputation of nothing’ is holding little weight.

  8. “Reputation of nothing”. I like it. I should have a t-shirt made. Have you copyrighted that?

  9. Marty, your blog about Vinnie is interesting. I notice that there does not appear to be any way to comment about your blog on your blog.

    What’s up with that? It’s a bit of a one-way conversation if it only contains your voice.

  10. Marty —

    What are your thoughts about the Mayor’s criticism towards the largest business in Fremont (Nummi) as well as his request of people to go and complain to Lowes, Kohl’s and Costco?

    It does not seem to be the way to be supportive and attract business in Fremont.

    “I hope you’ll go down to Kohl’s, Lowe’s and Costco and tell them, ‘look what you’ve done,’ because they had a big part of it, and NUMMI had a big part of it. A big factor in Lew Wolff’s decision was the threat of lawsuits.”

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