Interesting email #1

Below is an email from Nina Moore — formerly a school board director and now the director of government and community affairs for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

The crux of the email, which has already been posted on an anti-stadium site, is that A’s supporters haven’t given up and are turning their attention back to Pacific Commons as a ballpark site.

Moore said the email was to update the chamber board on the latest news she had. “It’s more of a statement of this is the situation, let’s make sure we don’t lose the opportunity to thave the A’s in Fremont,” she said.

Here is the email:

Hi all,

As you may have surmised, things are looking dim for the A’s move to
Fremont. The stadium at Warm Springs is almost certainly dead,
we want to make sure that we make every effort to keep the A’s from
giving up on Fremont altogether. I wanted to update you on several
positive actions we are planning.

First, we are working with Audrey Scott of Vida y Vino to get the
Pacific Commons retailers who are supportive of the A’s Ballpark
Village proposal to communicate that once more to the A’s and to
ProLogis. We are organizing a meeting with the retailers at 9:00
Tuesday morning, February 24th, and plan to have a petition for them
to sign at that meeting.

We are also working with the A’s to Fremont support group to organize
a rally at the Saddle Rack in Fremont on Wednesday evening, February
25th, 5:30 pm. Joe Joly, Audrey Scott, Rick Evans from the A’s to
Fremont Support Group, and I met last night to start the planning for
this event. The Saddle Rack is already on board. Our goal is to
have as many people there as possible expressing their support!
Their capacity is 968 so I think we’re ok! We will make sure we
have good media coverage of this event.

I am attaching a flier that you can hopefully post in your offices
and email to others. We will also be communicating this event via an
email blast to our membership, and emails will go out to the A¢s to
Fremont support group as well.

We hope that all of you who believe that there is a place in Fremont
for the A’s will help spread the word and join us at the Saddle Rack
on Wednesday evening. This is really our last chance to communicate
to Lew Wolff and Major League Baseball that there are many in Fremont
who do not want them to walk away from Fremont and who are willing to
stand up and say so.

We hope to see you there, and bring lots of fellow supporters!

I am trying to collect RSVPs so we have a general idea of how many
will be coming so if you plan to attend, please let me know, and then
if you invite others and know they are coming, please just pass the
numbers on to me. Thank you!


Nina Moore

Matt Artz


  1. [This is really our last chance to communicate
    to Lew Wolff and Major League Baseball that there are many in Fremont who do not want them to walk away from Fremont]

    As if Lew doesn’t know that? Hasn’t he been hob-knobbing with all the pro-ballpark folks in Fremont all along?

    Lew made a tactical error with an apparently-rushed plan to suddenly make somewhere-in-Warm-Springs his new preferred option. He ought to have known that Nummi and the Weibel neighborhood would object.

    So he either goes back to a modified Plan A, somewhere else in Pacific Commons away from ProLogis/Costco/Lowe’s/Kohl’s. Or this was a calculated move to open up San Jose, by getting MLB to deal with the territorial rights.

  2. One comment that I have is that they are asking ALL of A’s supporter to bring their friends. The key word is “ALL”. There will be many folks there who do not reside in Fremont, therefore should not have a say in what happens in Fremont. Think about it, if the A’s can get supporter from outside the City to show up, what can’t the opponents invite all their friends and co-workers from outside the City?

  3. Nina has done nothing short of commiting time to better our schools and community. Her hard work and passion has had a positive impact on the COF. She should be congratulated for all she’s done.

    So tell me, Green Room…what contributions have you made to the community and to our kids? When was the last time you committed your personal time to benefit this community? My guess is that you’re one of those who get their jollies being critical of others while unwilling yourself to lift a finger to benefit the community. You should simply thank Nina for all she’s done.

  4. Marc –

    Let’s not all get in a pissing contest about who has done what for who. I’m sure the lady in question didn’t perform the services that you refer to in order to appear more worthy in comparison to her fellow residents. She had a choice, and she chose to serve.

    Nina is doing her job, which currently appears to be working for the Chamber of Commerce. Reasonable people can differ on the merits of that organization, its goals, and what it does for the City.

    I do think it was a mistake for the pro-stadium people to throw the invitation open to all comers. In truth, it is residents who will be impacted by the proposed stadium, and residents who have attended the anti-stadium protests. How many people who were not going to be negatively effected by the stadium would bother to come out in the cold to wave signs?

    This “open invitation” implies to me that the pro-stadium organizers do not believe that they will have a sufficiently impressive turnout if they do the gathering in the right way.

    Given the current state of professional baseball, it’s hardly surprising that it’s most ardent proponents would choose not to play by the highest and best rules.

  5. Irvington,

    Just so that I understand…you think it’s OK for someone (GR in this case) to characterize Nina has he/she did in Comment #1? GR likely knows zero about all that good Nina has done over the years and all the sacrifices she’s made, then feels comfortable making the characterizations he/she did. GR could have made his/her point without making the immature characterizatins he/she did.

    As far as the stadium is concerned, my vote is to give all sides the opportunity to rally support, present facts, and trust that the final decision makers make the right decision.

  6. Hi Marc,

    I differ with you on Nina Moore. Although she is sincere but to be frank she is short of sincerity. Even when she was on the School Board, she always helped her developer friends get away by paying minimal amount to School District even when the local schools were getting impacted with overcrowding caused by new and high density developments. She pretended to be sincere with parents and sounding helpless while blaming the City Hall for all the problems. Now, it is evident that she is in league with developers and City Hall all the time.

  7. Marc,
    I believe Nina did some good job for our community, but that does not make she is doing right. It is not appropriate for a Director of Fremont Chamber of Commerce rally for A’s in public.

    One thing disappoint me is that in the email she seems to support the stadium in Warm Spring site also. That site is about 2500 feet to Weibel Elementary, and she was Fremont School Board Director.

  8. Marc, your closing comment in No. 7, is what concerns me, “…and trust that the final decision makers make the right decision”.

    Whooee, that’s what REALLY concerns me!

    The fact that our “decision makers” were standing with open arms for this A’s deal without weighing the impact on city’s infrastructure scares the hell out of me.

  9. Matt,

    I appreciate that you commented without the characterizations that GR offered in Comment #1.

    Politics is a funny thing. And certainly there is a certain amount of politics involved as a School Board member. There has to be…that’s the nature of most every public servant. As a public servant, you’ll make statements or take positions that many agree with and other disagree with. Those that agree will defend the statements to the end. Those who disagree, will debate them to the end. A public servant will never make a statement or take a position that 100% agree or disagree with.

    I respect your opinions on Nina, but don’t agree with them. Let’s leave it that we can agree to disagree on this.

  10. Marc –

    Ah, I see what happened here. Your post #4 was not addressed to anyone, so I assumed that you were referring to the statements in the post above yours, #3. I didn’t go to the top of the list to see the first post, although I had read it earlier, probably shortly after it was posted.

    Now that we’re on the same page, as it were, I must admit that I can’t speak to Ms. Moore’s veracity, particularly when she was on the school board.

    In the interests of full disclosure, however, I must admit that my opinion of the Chamber of Commerce is not the greatest. To me, they pursue business in a quantity sense, with less regard for quality. Although I am not personally aware of any occasions where Ms. Moore has deceived anyone, she is working for an organization which actively and aggressively backs the stadium proposal. So the question becomes, to what degree are her employer’s beliefs also hers, or is she just “following orders” because it’s her job?

    I do know that I have said exactly the same thing that GR said in post #1, only I was talking about Our Mayor at the time. Of course, he has offered us frequent and ample evidence of his mendacity over the years.

    As far as trusting “the final decision makers (to) make the right decision” about the stadium, please tell me that you’re kidding me.

    We have:

    a Mayor who insists that the stadium proposal is a “done deal”; who calls people who ask questions about the proposal a “mob” and “vested interests”,

    a Vice-Mayor who says that it will “absolutely” be done,

    one Planning Commissioner who was appointed solely because she will vote with the Mayor on the proposal, and

    another Planning Commissioner who shills for the A’s organization to get people to attend their rallies.

    These are the representatives who are supposed to be impartial; to wait and see if the evidence proves that project a good deal for our town. They’re not interested in making the right decision for this town, and they haven’t waited for any evidence; they’ve already made the decision that is right for their own interests.

    Ask yourself, who will pay for the additional emergency services that the stadium will require?

    Who will pay for the increased road maintenance due to increased wear from increased traffic?

    Why do City management feel that it is acceptable for the residents near the stadium to be unable to enter or leave their neighborhood on game day due to gridlock? To have people parking in front of their homes, the noise from street traffic, the additional problems from trash, public urination, noise, fights? All within three blocks of an elementary school?

    This is just the beginning. Please visit the Fremont Citizen’s Network website at


    for the rest of the problems with the proposed stadium project.

  11. Irvington,

    Actually, you and I are in agreement. I think we both believe that both sides of the argument must be given the opportunity to do the necessary research and present the results of this research. The final decision must be fact based without being impacted by emotion.

    In the end, we have to trust that the decision makers correctly weigh and interpret the facts and render the correct decision.

    And I do agree that any public statement by a city official stating that the project is a “done deal” or the equivalent is unfortunate. Hopefully past statements like this will serve as a lesson-learned looking ahead.

  12. Nina Moore’s only concern is Nina Moore and developers such as the Wolffs, and the Dutras interest.

    She is a major advocate to bring the A’s to Fremont at any cost to Fremont’s communities including placement of stadium a mere 800 yards from Weibel Elementary School, which is full of five to 12 year old children.

    This is the Nina Moore we know.
    Yes, this makes Nina Moore a Bad Person who is willing to sell out the community to help make a buck for a developer’s private interest. Period.

  13. GR,

    So you’re calling her a bad person because she believes the project would benefit the community and therefore she supports the project. So, it seems reasonable to assume that you consider anyone supporting the project to be a bad person.

    It must be scarey living in your world with so many bad people.

    Leave characterizations out of your comments.

  14. Marc –

    So here’s the problem as I see it.

    Wolfe and his spin-managers will present facts that support the contributions of his stadium to the community.

    Someone (I’m not sure whom) will present facts to the contrary.

    Who breaks the tie ? Wasserman ? Weickowski ?

    We’d like an unbiased assessment and someone that would negotiate on behalf of the city and taxpayers AGGRESSIVELY to secure a deal that is, long-term, to our advantage. I’m sorry, but the council members have repeatedly demonstrated managerial incompetence. Who would you suggest the Fremont taxpayer trust with this negotiation and project ?

  15. Yikes! Green, buddy, you had me on your side, but I it would be nice if we could keep the conversation at a slightly higher level. Please, say what you think, but cut us just a little break on the language, please.

    Marc – you can probably see how it is tempting for anti-stadium people to think it’s OK to characterize pro-stadium people as “bad” (or worse) when His Honor the Mayor refers to the pro-stadium people as a “mob” (and worse).

    I was recently forwarded a message sent to an associate from His Honor (exerpted):

    from Bob Wasserman
    date Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 4:19 PM
    subject Re: By way of clarification

    “The mob reference was reserved for you and your ilk not for those who honestly and legitimately support or oppose the stadium.”

    So, you see, the name callin’ ain’t right, but it’s being done by both sides and from the top.

    The Mayor chooses to split the anti-stadium people into two groups: the “ilk”, and the “honest” and “legitimate”. Logically then, the “ilk” then become “dishonest” and “illegitimate”. Also, those who support the stadium are automatically “honest” and “legitimate”.

    One would hope that the person whom we have chosen to be the top elected official in this town would exercise more discretion.

    Can’t we all just get along? Agree to disagree? Argue the facts, not personalities?

  16. Totally uncalled for GR. Totally discredits the hard work and position you stand for.

  17. Irvington, does “agreeing to disagree” involve inflicting financial peril on those businesses who’s owners disagree with you?

  18. GreenRoom, I know your frustration.
    We all know that Nina Moore will not be getting the “Mother Teresa Award” any time soon.
    And I too have my 8-year old girl at Weibel Elementary School and have lost alot of hours of sleep over the stadium issue near her school. We love our kids and will always fight for their best interest.

    However, Now WE as a Group need to move forward and provide oversite of what our Mayor, City Council and Planning commissioners are motivated to do in our community. This is where our energy is needed to make the change. Thanks Greenroom your honest.

  19. Okay, I am sorry for my poor and offensive language it wont happen again… But not the overall message.

  20. Greenroom,

    Thanks for the apology – I appreciate it & I hope others do as well. I’ve been sorely tempted myself from time to time.

  21. Marty –

    Re “inflicting financial peril ” –

    I get to spend my hard-earned dollars where I choose to. I hope that supporters of the A’s choose to spend their dollars where they think it will return them the best value. I also encourage all who consider the A’s proposal to be bad for fremont to boycott businesses who feel otherwise.

    If this inflicts “finanical peril” on those businesses that support a plan which, in the opinion of Fremont taxpayers, would inflict financial peril on our city – SO BE IT.

    It’s a perfect balance. Choose your position wisely.

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