Interesting email #1

Below is an email from Nina Moore — formerly a school board director and now the director of government and community affairs for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

The crux of the email, which has already been posted on an anti-stadium site, is that A’s supporters haven’t given up and are turning their attention back to Pacific Commons as a ballpark site.

Moore said the email was to update the chamber board on the latest news she had. “It’s more of a statement of this is the situation, let’s make sure we don’t lose the opportunity to thave the A’s in Fremont,” she said.

Here is the email:

Hi all,

As you may have surmised, things are looking dim for the A’s move to
Fremont. The stadium at Warm Springs is almost certainly dead,
we want to make sure that we make every effort to keep the A’s from
giving up on Fremont altogether. I wanted to update you on several
positive actions we are planning.

First, we are working with Audrey Scott of Vida y Vino to get the
Pacific Commons retailers who are supportive of the A’s Ballpark
Village proposal to communicate that once more to the A’s and to
ProLogis. We are organizing a meeting with the retailers at 9:00
Tuesday morning, February 24th, and plan to have a petition for them
to sign at that meeting.

We are also working with the A’s to Fremont support group to organize
a rally at the Saddle Rack in Fremont on Wednesday evening, February
25th, 5:30 pm. Joe Joly, Audrey Scott, Rick Evans from the A’s to
Fremont Support Group, and I met last night to start the planning for
this event. The Saddle Rack is already on board. Our goal is to
have as many people there as possible expressing their support!
Their capacity is 968 so I think we’re ok! We will make sure we
have good media coverage of this event.

I am attaching a flier that you can hopefully post in your offices
and email to others. We will also be communicating this event via an
email blast to our membership, and emails will go out to the A¢s to
Fremont support group as well.

We hope that all of you who believe that there is a place in Fremont
for the A’s will help spread the word and join us at the Saddle Rack
on Wednesday evening. This is really our last chance to communicate
to Lew Wolff and Major League Baseball that there are many in Fremont
who do not want them to walk away from Fremont and who are willing to
stand up and say so.

We hope to see you there, and bring lots of fellow supporters!

I am trying to collect RSVPs so we have a general idea of how many
will be coming so if you plan to attend, please let me know, and then
if you invite others and know they are coming, please just pass the
numbers on to me. Thank you!


Nina Moore

Matt Artz