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With the Fremont Chamber of Commerce moving forward with a 5:30 p.m. pro-Oakland A’s rally Wednesday at the Saddle Rack, chamber member Dirk Lorenz is asking his friends to attend.

But Lorenz is also a Planning Commissioner. And, if the A’s move forward with their Fremont ballpark plan, it will have to go to the commission for review. It seems that Lorenz would be inclined to favor a the team’s project. His email is below.

From: Dirk Lorenz
Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 2:12 PM
Subject: Fw: Message re the A’s! Don’t Let Fremont be Left on the

Folks… let’s not let history repeat itself. Let’s not let this slip through our fingers. From the standpoint of economic development and jobs in OUR community…plan on attending the Saddlerack event mentioned below. If you want to see the A’s locate in their original Pac Commons site… If you want to see an upscale shopping village with retailers similar to those seen in Santana Row and elsewhere….
this is the event not to be missed. Please spread the word…we want jobs and exciting retail in our community. Remember, a rising tide floats all boats…. this development will bring much more than just what the A’s have planned… successful retail generates sales tax that funds police, fire and maintenance services in our entire community. Please show your support by attending this Saddlerack event! Please pass it on.

Matt Artz


  1. Marine Layer, I have viewed and copied your website/blog for permenent reference because of the careful work and research you have invested in that format. I commend you for making the effort and thank you for compiling information to share.
    As to your final opinions and conclusions regarding stadium or any other subject of choice, I willingly defend your right to an ideology wheather it is comensurate with mine or not. ((Granted you do get extra points if you agree with me). (You dont lose any if you dont).
    However no one can deny that your postings and stimuli have created a plethora of ideas, information, opinions, and yes, entertainment.
    Certainly there would be less to this site if not for those like you who will take the time and make the effort to foster full and frank discussion among peers.
    So to you and to all others who contribute to this site and to Matt Artz who created the site, Thank you

  2. Randy; agree with Perry Mason – particularly “petty bureaucrates.” Thank you.

  3. Silent Majority:

    Maybe I live in a different universe. I spent 4 hours going door to door in warm springs and I met 1 person who was for this stadium and one person who was on the fence, the rest against. I imagine it might be a little different outside of Warm Springs, Weibel and MIssion, but that group reprents about half of Fremont so your majority must be not only silent but half-dead.

    I find it very hard to beleive that our ‘vocal minority’ was able to push back Wolff et al with his BILLIONS in assets. This man did not become so sucessful by quitting when a few people yelled at him. There had to be something more than our small ‘mob’ to convince this huge force from moving in. I think, in fact it had to be that you are the minority and through PEACEFULL communication of the realities of stadium economics (still not refuted by the city) it woke the greater population, and the power of NUMMI (powerfull, quiet influence) the unstoppable force of money was replelled by the more powerful will of an informed-by-facts majority.

  4. Incidentally, I should have mentioned in my message (#100) that I don’t live in Warm Springs or the Mission area, etc. I live in Glenmoor. I’ve been against the Stadium for more than a year now, since I first began reading about what our city’s so-called leaders were trying to do to Fremont.

    This ridiculously bad idea would harm every resident of Fremont. It first caught my attention when I realized the traffic it would bring. My husband and I both commute on 680 and the traffic would be a nightmare. Then, after I did quite a bit of reading, it became obvious that our taxes would go up to support this supposedly privately funded (yeah, right) stadium. Throw in to the mix the fact that the quality of life in Fremont would suffer from the increased crime, air pollution, noise pollution, lack of/reduced police availability for the rest of the city before, during and after a game, drunken fans driving through our city after the game, etc., etc. I could go on and on. The real costs are incalculable.

    I’m happy that so many of us have awakened! Fremont is no longer a city of suckers to be preyed on by the con artists of professional sports and their willing allies in our city government.

  5. Ilive in Pleasanton and learned this weekend that Fremont was working to put the stadium off of 680- nearthe Sunol Grade. Two years ago I used to commute past the Oakland A’s stadium and can verify that traffic was Horendous after each game. Place a Stadium near 680 and you will create a Nightmare. Fremont you need a new Mayor,and City council

  6. Kyle Says; “Fremont you need a new Mayor, and City council” AMEN!

  7. Yup, you’re right.

    That’s why we need to be all over these Council and Commission guys like white on rice, at least until we can get some people in office who realize that they represent us, they don’t rule us.

    The price of democracy is eternal vigilance, even when you’d really rather stay home with the remote.

    If the Council had any sense, they would see this as a real opportunity for them to clean house (which to me means start by getting rid of The Mayor) and change up their attitude to be more open to input and transparent in their processes.

    They can start by reading the Brown Act.

  8. Traffic exchange is an example of a way to get noticed also. Not sure how many people use them but they still work.

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