(UPDATED 2/24) Shooting prompts closure of westbound Stevenson in Fremont

UPDATE: 12:15 P.M. (2/24) — Two people have been arrested and a third is now being sought in this case. Should have more details later today, but it looks like this thing stems from a fight between two brothers.

UPDATE: 4 P.M. (2/23) — All lanes of Stevenson Boulevard are now being re-opened. However, there are no further details of the shooting.

UPDATE: 2:50 p.m. (2/23) — Looks like no one was hit by gunfire, but a car was shot up.

Original: Still seeking details on this case, but police have shut down westbound Stevenson Boulevard between Fremont Boulevard and Besco Drive as they investigate a shooting in the area. It’s unclear at this point exactly what happened, but it looks like at least three shots were fired and there was some sort of crash; still not sure if anyone was hurt. Stay tuned …



  1. The FPD have been busy today-there was an accident at Fremont and Mowry, and twice this morning I saw groups of teens being detained.

  2. Why is there NO information about this shooting?
    The only place I found it after doing a search was this site.

    I find it irresponsible to not let the people in your own city know what is happening. People have the right to know especially when it involves something of this nature.

  3. Concerned – If the FPD has an ongoing investigation they do not release details. Understandable that until they have those responsible in custody they don’t want to divulge information that may aid the guilty from avoiding the law.

  4. It does seem like, when I read SF Gate, they have more current information on incidents that are in progress than we get out here in the “burbs”.

    I assume that Fremont PD has a Public Information Officer. I think it’s time they give him/her a bit more to do. After all, their the point of origin; Matt can’t report it if the PD doesn’t release it. They do work for us, you know.

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