Now What?

So the A’s aren’t coming to that mostly untapped expense of land that hugs Warm Springs and Weibel. And NUMMI is no guarantee to stay.

What should go there? If NUMMI’s in the picture, it won’t be homes, but I can name two elected officials who have told me they see NUMMI taking a hike and that chunk of land as Fremont’s future downtown.

You don’t get a BART station these days without planning for some type of intensive development. What should it be? Something like Sabercat with six story buildings? A sprawling R&D campus? Twenty-four-story towers that they want to build next to Union City’s BART station?????????

Matt Artz

  • Fremont Lifer

    Well, since I do have what I comically refer to as a life, I’m not going back over any old posts – I barely have time for to keep up with the new ones.

    It still looks to me like:

    some people were mad because some people weren’t going to go to businesses that supported the stadium, and

    you’re mad because some people are going to this guys store because he put in energy efficient lights.

    Man, you got to pick your battles. The stadium thing is over. People are going to go where they’re going to go. It’s their money and their choice. If you’re going to let stuff like this get to you, you’re gonna have a hard row to hoe.

  • anon

    Not mad about anything.

    I think Vinnie Bacon was singled out unfairly as a proponent of a boycotting of Pac Com suppporters of A’s.

    I think that those who did so attempted to generalize this incorrect accusation as “anti business”.

    I think that those who made these points are absent now in the presence of the same kind of selective consumerism (carrotmob).

    My point is that Vinnie wasn’t part of the original “boycott” thinking, and those who suggested otherwise were only concerned with the economic advantage of pro-A’s retail business AND were attempting to discredit Bacon’s record.

  • Small business owner

    La Boca. I’m a concerned Fremont residence. You seems to have good perspectives on how the process works. How may I contact you for your thoughts.

  • anon

    Come on Marty – who the heck are you to oppose freedom of choice by consumers to place their purchasing dollar where they please ???

    Despite your feeble attempt to try to stir up some support by a few Pac Commons restaraunts – despite your feeble attempt to discredit Vinnie Bacon all you have done is revealed a self-serving autocratic mentality. If your accusations of Vinnie Bacon are accurate, Vinnie is simply a proponent of SO MANY OTHER FREMONT businesses who stand to benefit by encouraging free choice to spend dollars outside of the Pacific Commoons geography. But Marty would deny those myriad other Fremont businesses this opportunity at to the benefit of a few businesses in Pacific Commons.

    Despite your opposition, I’m choosing NOT to spend my hard earned dollars with a wine bar that supported the A’s stadium at the expense of the surrounding community. And I encourage all consumers to spend their money – in Fremont – and where they receive the quality of goods and services they value AND from suppliers that share the consumers sense of responsibility and priority. Marty – if you believe that yours is the majority position – then join me in encouraging the same. If not – I understand your opposition.

    Marty doesn’t want consumers to exercise this sense of free will – and he supports ONLY Pac Commons restaraunteers.

    Marty would like you to continue to support Pac Commons restaraunts – irrespective of whether they agree with your position on the A’s stadium . . . . Marty wants all consumers in Fremont to do what S/He thinks is right.

    Hopefully Marty and the rest of the City Council will spend a lot of money with those Pac Commons restaraunts – they’ll need it !