Return of the ubiquitous one?

Say this for Steve Cho, the former councilman didn’t spend a dime of his own money in last year’s failed bid for mayor. And, unlike most top-level candidates he ended the race with nearly $15,000 in the bank.

Cho said he didn’t spend his surplus on the election because the money came in late and he wasn’t going to do anything that could leave him with a campaign debt.

So what will he do with the money, which can only be used for campaign purposes, either his or someone else’s?  “I’m going to sit on it and wait for another opportunity,” he said.

Matt Artz


  1. Under the category “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”, at least Mr. Cho usually answered my e-mails (unlike the majority of our current Council members, who are apparently unaware that e-mail comes with a “reply” button) and he never called me naughty names in any of his replies (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you, Wasserman) .

    At least now Vinnie knows who one of his opponents will be.

  2. Steve Cho, I wish i had voted for you ;(


  3. Arden, could you share why you believe that Cho would have been a good Mayor? Granted, a potted palm would be better than the Mayor we’ve got now, but what was it about Steve that sold you on his candidacy?

  4. perry,

    firstly, gus isnt going to run for mayor. ( he would have been my first choice, and i voted for gus in the election)

    In 2012 Harrison & Natarajan will both be running for mayor.

    I will not vote for them they havent been doing their job

    Steve really cares about the community and the citizens of Fremont.

    He attends meetings, whenever you need help you can always go to Steve.

    Although my politics may differ with Steve, I know that he would be more effective as Mayor then both Natarajan& Harrison and would not use the position of Mayor as a stepping stone to further his own career.

  5. To me it sounds like he’s going to run for the Assembly in 2010.

  6. I am not too sure of him. I saw him at one of the stadium meetings and what I saw put up my , spidey senses. He would not answer questions directly and appeared to be on some kind of surveillence mission.

    Could be I was just paranoid, but He seemed to be trying to find which way the wind was blowing or he had some kind of vested interest that we did not know about.

    Although I do give him credit for listening, he seems to always want to take a vote other than tell us his opinion.

    Another poll sniffing pol?

    Just my limited view.

  7. Who will be the candidates in 2010 for …..
    The 20th Assembly District. The district covers Fremont, Newark, Union City, Milpitas, and parts of San Jose, Pleasanton, …
    Democrat, ………………Bob Wiekowski, the ineffectual City Council Member
    Republican, ………………Steve Cho, the defeated Fremont City Council Member, who ran for Mayor
    Democrat, Independent … Vinnie Bacon Candidate for the Fremont City Council, came in third., out of the money

    I listed Bacon as a Independent because Bob Wiekowski has the good ole boy Democratic Council’s backing.
    Who do you want representing you?

  8. WS, I’m so glad you shared how you felt about Cho, because it’s pretty much the same impression that I’ve had of him.

    I also got the drift that he is very conservative politically. Wasn’t he involved in some way with the Minutemen in the last election?

    Then there was that dust-up over the flags in the Fourth of July parade that kind of left me with a bad feeling.

    And he was pretty clear during the last election that he’s a proponent of the Fremont as a “Big City” school, which also makes me uneasy. Isn’t he a supporter of the Patterson Ranch development?

    I agree, Arden, that we could probably do worse than having Cho as Mayor, but I also think we could do better.

    I wouldn’t vote for Harrison or Natarajan either, and it is a shame that we lost our last chance to get Gus back in office, but it would be a shame for us to elect a guy just because he goes to meetings and is a good listener.

    Am I getting the drift that you feel that at least one term as a Council member is a prerequisite for becoming Mayor, or would you consider voting for a “newcomer” to be Mayor; someone who has not held City office before? Specifically, I’m thinking of Vinnie Bacon, who seems to be the only guy on the horizon who isn’t tainted by incumbency and also possesses the ability to hold a conversation without conveying the impression that you’re wasting his valuable time.

    I’m not sure I would agree with everything Vinnie would do, but I’m hoping that he would, at least, open up lines of communication with the community, something that has been sadly missing for way too long.

  9. After my interaction with Steve Cho, I am not sure where he stands on any issue. I would like a candidate that I can understand. I would like to know where they stand even if I disagree with them. At least I know what I am voting for or agains. In the case of Mr. Cho, it seems to me that he is permanently undecided about the issue, at least, that is what i felt in my one and only discussion with him about the Stadium. I was happy that he came to one of the stadium meetings, but my spidey senses were down until after the meeting.

    I agree with ‘WS Resident’ above, i too got the sense that he was just assessing and being a poll sniffer. But I give props to him for at least wanting to listen to people.

  10. My dog is a good listener too, but I wouldn’t vote for him for Mayor (apologies to Sunol).

    Now, don’t get all excited – Mr. Cho is not a dog. He’s a smart guy. He’s also a politician, which is a different kind of person.

    I’m on the fence on Mr. Cho’s “on the fence” approach. We can’t expect pols to express their opinion only if and when it agrees with ours and then jump all over them if we think they’re wrong. We want them to be impartial, but does that mean that they can’t tell us where they currently stand, with the information they currently have, still keeping the option open to modify their stand if they get more information?

    Maybe we need to know their position on certain core principles and concepts, such as “growth” or “crime”, but not their positions on specific projects like Patterson Ranch, projects upon which they may have to maintain some impartiality because they’ll eventually have to vote on them.

    I’m just wondering- it’s something we’ll have to decide before the next election. We can’t screw that voting up like we did last time.

  11. Matt,

    Question: what were the platforms for Natarajan and Harrison in 2006? Have anyone tried to see whether they have lived up to their platforms?

  12. Steve I urge you to run for either City council or Mayor in 012 Im not sure whether you can but hope its legal

    GO CHO !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Arden

    Term limits require one to sit out a full term before running for council again = 2012. Mayor’s term ends 2012.

  14. thanks Gus !

    I hope you endorse Steve for Mayor hes the best candidate

    and Irvington, I would not like to see Vinnie Bacon as Mayor, you must have atleast some expierence.

    I would much rather see Meg Whitman as mayor of fremont as oppose to Mr. Bacon

    infact, I would rather vote for newly apointed planning commisioner Lisa Quan as the next city councilmember and lord knows she used her ties to wasserman/chan to get apointed

    and as for the CBC its totally a PAC

  15. Gus, I’m going 2 create the
    Petition !

    Gus, maybe County Supervisor ?

  16. Coyote….

    BOB WIECKOSKI is the best city councilmember, to say anything less is a unexceptable
    He works his but offf everyday

    Back when Vinnie Bacon was wearing diapers, Wiecowski was out their promoting everything green,

    Go Wiecowski


  17. It appears that since the article about Trisha taking money from the Pattersons I’ve picked up a few hate trolls who have chosen to cowardly attack me using the veil of anonymity. I won’t stoop to their level. I’ll continue to act in a civil and respectful manner, focusing on the issues and not the personalities.

    At least two of these trolls have professed a hatred of Matt Artz as well. I, for one, enjoy this site and think Matt is doing a great job. This blog has been the best thing to raise political awareness in Fremont that I’ve ever seen. People, let’s not let a few trolls drag down the level of discourse that we’ve established here.

    I don’t think these people realize that they’re actually doing their candidates a disservice. Bob Wieckowski and Trisha have decided not to publicly post here. That’s their right. But when their supporters are nothing more than anonymous attack dogs who post in such a childish manner, in my opinion, it speaks poorly of that candidate.

  18. Vinnie,
    You have what the attack dogs do not

  19. Vinnie,

    I am a northern fremont citizen,

    I support candidates that will represent me & my northern fellow northern fremonters

    Vinnie I am just being honest, i am not a “hater” and quite frankly I feel like you are attacking me by calling me a troll.

    I have not attacked your character simply stating that I feel a mayor should have expierence and you Mr. Bacon dont have expierence

    And as for

    Mr Bacon, I still believe this blog is biased
    I have my reasons, it is biased completely
    not against just trisha, but against Steve, against anyone that has worked hard to get where they are.


  20. And the truth is you dont have expierence, know im sure your 1039283013 supporters will defend you but

    i guess in your case ignorance is bliss !

  21. Gees, Arden, I don’t recall Vinnie mentioning you by name. And, just to keep the record straight, I was the one who asked if you thought a Mayoral candidate should have Council experience and if you would consider Vinnie as a Mayoral candidate. I don’t believe that he has indicated yet if that is even a possibility.

    Also, I think the recent protests about the stadium proposal showed us that we are one City, not residents of Warm Springs or north Fremont. Residents from all over the City came together to save the City from the problems that the stadium would have brought, so I hope we will all vote for candidates to will represent the City as a whole, rather than our own neighborhoods.

    You may live in the northern part of the City, but you still live in Fremont.

    Is there anybody else who has worked hard to get where they are who feels that this blog is biased against them?

    To me, it’s just a blog, it’s not a force of nature. Even if it were biased, how would that effect what I do with my life?

    Arden, next time, don’t break the pill in half – take the whole thing.
    I think it would help you feel better.

  22. Ardenwooder, Vinnie Bacon ran for Fremont City Council in the 2008 election. He submitted his application for the Fremont Planning Commission seat when that opened after Sue Chan won the council seat. I’m not sure where the notion Vinnie was running for Mayor came into play. He knows the political process quite well and understands you don’t jump the prelims.

  23. SaSha,

    I’m glad you’ve been happy with the representation that Bobby Wieckowski has been providing to the City. Of course, these days, to say that Bobby’s been the best Council member is a little like saying he’s the smartest kid on the short bus.

    You mentioned that Bobby has been “green” since Vinnie was in diapers. Well, dear, I’ve been knowin’ little Bobby since he was in diapers, way before he could even say “green”, and I can tell you that, while he may be friendly and outgoing, he’s been a bit of a wreck-up from the neck-up for a very long time. And don’t tell me he managed to pass the Bar; I’ve known plenty of idiots who eventually passed the Bar.

    Your “green” guy was quoted in the paper a while back saying that we should be building very tall, multi-story buildings here in town because there’s no need for anybody to see the hills anymore, we’ve all already seen the hills. Nice.

    Bobby isn’t so much “green” as he is “conveniently green” because it’s the buzz-word for today and he knows it will get him votes. He can continue to support rampant business development while telling everybody that he cares about what happens to this town.

    If you want to vote for a guy who’s fun to have lunch with, go with Bobby. If you want representation that has the best interests of this town at heart, there are better guys (and gals) out there.

  24. I’m not to sure about Cho, but he sure is smart for not ending up in debt after his campaign.

  25. OH MY,

    I am saying in a hypothetical match up for Mayor

    Mr.Bacon would need just a little bit of expierence,

    Now Vinnie dont take any offense to this

    I hope you understand its not at you personally…

    & Leslie Steve would be good a choice for council or mayor he has that hutzpah a lot of candidates are missing these days

  26. Ardenwood, I’m going to try real hard to try to understand your side of this “biased blog” thing. Let’s see how that works out.

    As I see it, Matt Artz maintains the blog where he posts news articles. Individuals then can post comments to those articles.

    I’m thinking that what you’re really trying to say is that you feel that some of the people who post comments to this blog are biased against some of the issues, candidates, and City officials that you support, not that the articles themselves are biased.

    I’m just trying to understand where you’re coming from. Am I on the right track?

    As an aside, I’d like to point out that Matt has limited control over the opinions that are expressed as comments under his articles. Of course, he can certainly be held responsible for any comments that he himself posts.

    Matt has, rarely, removed comments that are objectionable in some major way, but I think we’d have a real first amendment problem if he removed comments simply because any other individual commenter objected to them. We’d eventually be left with nothing to read.

  27. Irvington, thank you for trying to understand.

    Why I say this is a biased blog is that Matt will put post ” Did she break the pledge ? ” which he has every right to under the first ammendment.

    However, when it came to LISA QUAN, she lied about having a business license… that is something very important that Matt should have reported on.It was a critical issue that needed to be posted. something everyone should have been aware of.It shows how our city really runs. Choosing a candidate because she firstly supports the A’s, a close friend of newly elected councilmember Suzanne Chan, and because of her gender, race….

  28. Arden,

    Wait a minute – Meg Whitman? Seriously?

    You do know that she is a sanctified, full-immersion Republican, right?

    She’s the chief California fund-raiser for Mitt Rommey.

    Meg Whitman, a leading proponent of the disastrous economic policies that have left America in its worst financial crisis in generations?

    The fierce critic of the “theory” of evolution?

    Who has Pete Wilson as her campaign chairman?

    That Meg Whitman?

    Oh, by the way, she hasn’t held elected office before either. Meg can run for Governor, but Vinnie doesn’t have the chops to be a City Councilmember?

  29. OK, I can see where Matt could have chosen to do an article about whether Ms. Quan has a valid business license. If memory serves, it has been stated that she was running her law practice out of her home without benefit of a City business license. It seems to me like it would be an interesting story.

    The only defense that I can offer is that Matt is the only reporter for Fremont that the Argus currently has. It’s not an complete excuse, but he is probably spread about as thin as cheap jam.

    Also, I find I learn as much from the comments to the articles as I do from the articles. That’s part of what makes The Beat interesting.

    Are there other areas where you think that Matt’s articles have been biased? Do you think that he chooses to cover certain stories based on his personal biases or is he obligated to pursue some stories that he is assigned to do by The Argus? I’m not sure how this works either, so I’m just asking . . .

  30. Ardenwooder,

    Why the change of heart? On your first post on this site on March 2 you said:

    “The residents of Fremont have themselves to blame. electing CHAN AND WASSERMAN was the biggest mistake fremont residents made. Look at the council you have now? full of spineless jellyfish. If Bacon or Tahmasbi would have won their would be TRANSPARENCY on the council …”

    I guess experience wasn’t such a big issue for you back then as you showed a preference for the two least experienced candidates. Why do you now make disparaging comments towards me?

    BTW, Urban Dictionary defines a troll as:

    “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

    I think post number 15 qualifies as ‘deliberately provocative’. I’d also point out that this type of arguing really denigrates the quality of this blog. I’m going to try and stop participating in it. I’ll be happy to talk about issues or positions.

  31. Vinnie, thank you for clarifying that up for I should start reading the “urban dictionary more often”

    I had the change of heart after reading the argus and seeing your posts. You seem to be poised to pounce on others whenever you feel it will best serve you. I still stand to my commment, when it came down to you,tahasbmi or chan… either you or tahmasbi would be good because having Chan meant a blank rubber stamp for the mayor,

    but this election has passed and in the next 4 years their may be better qualified candidates, once again Vinnie i dont dislike you I believe that the way you conduct bussiness sometimes is very questionable

    Lifer,, Meg Whitman for Mayor of fremont she has expierence being the C.E.O of one of the biggest websites

    and Vinnie one last commment
    this does not bring political awareness
    the only people to visit this site our the political insiders

    how a few of us non politicals got in here is astonishing

  32. The only comment I’ve made in public of late was related to Trisha’s taking money from the Patterson’s.

    One of the key issues in my campaign was the influence of developer money in Fremont politics. I feel very strongly about this issue.

    If you can’t understand why I would feel compelled to speak out against Trisha’s actions, then I don’t know what else to say.

  33. Its good that you feel strongly about that

    but why is it that you feel you need to speak out against Tahmasbi only, what about Chan? If you feel the need to speak out against devloper money ( which is a good thing nto speak out against ) you should speak out against the people who actually had the devolopers running their campaigns? Does that make sense Vinnie?

  34. Lifer, can you provide me with more information about Meg Whitman being a critic of evolution? I am getting the impression that this is conjecture on your part.

    And, regarding a perceived guilt by association with Pete Wilson – a very good argument can be made that out state was in far better shape when he was governor.

    Is the negative connotation just residual bitterness left over from prop 187, or is this another manifestation of your hyper-partisan worldview?

    Don the blinders and respond, please.

  35. Thanks for the “troll” definition, Vinnie – I must be so “out of it” not to know that. I learn something new from this site every day.

    I’m also pleasantly surprised to find that we’ve all attained the level of “political insider”. Wow. Somehow I thought it would be more difficult than this.


    While there are clearly posters on this site who do seem to live for the cat-and-mouse routine and raising he** just for fun, I must say that that has not been my observation of Vinnie’s posts.

    I don’t think that he so much “pounces on others whenever he feels it will best serve him” (to paraphrase), as that he does jump on issues which he feels strongly about. That’s pretty much what all of us do, isn’t it?

    Occasionally there may be an individual closely associated with those issues, but I’ve always come away with the impression that he’s talking primarily about the issue, not the personality. Just my take.

    I don’t know where the Whitman reference came from, but is this the Meg Whitman that is widely disliked by EBay buyers, sellers, and employees for her pro-Prop. 8 stand? There is currently an organized boycott of EBay by these people for this reason.

    Wasn’t it Carly Fiorina who said, during the last campaign, that she didn’t feel that either Obama or McCain were competent to run a major corporation? If that’s true, perhaps Carly and Meg aren’t competent to run a major government entity. What’s good for the goose . . .

  36. For a city like fremont and considering the current state of fremont, we just need a good mayor. EXperience maybe needed only for a bigger city. We need a guy who is balanced and doesnt have extreme opinions. The guy should focus on development as the current state of fremont is a joke. But development doesnt mean indiscrete home building or rushing to build a stadium. Ability to attract the right businesses and identify the right areas in fremont to focus on. We just need someone who understands technical aspects of city building. I would hope we elect someone younger like in 40s. 60 and above doesnt work for a city like fremont, maybe it works for Los Gatos perhaps where mayor could just sleep through his job

  37. Andy,

    The Job of Mayor is “symbollic”. Although the mayor can apoint people to commissions they must be approved by the council.

    What we really need is a balanced council, one that isn’t a “yess man or woman ”
    to the mayor

    I also agree with you about having a younger mayor

    90 isn’t so cool…

  38. Andy,

    The Job of Mayor is “symbollic”. Although the mayor can apoint people to commissions they must be approved by the council.

    What we really need is a balanced council, one that isn’t a “yess man or woman ”
    to the mayor

    I also agree with you about having a younger mayor…

  39. Well, I do hope the council and the mayor all agree on the right things to do for fremont. We dont want stalemated council either

  40. While the City Council is important, I don’t think we can discount the role of the City Manager in the day-to-day operations of the City. In my opinion, Mr. Diaz has been a disaster in terms of making the City open and accessible to citizens. The City website has been “redesigned” more than once and becomes more opaque with each redesign. Also, when a City doesn’t appear to know how much money it has, something’s wrong at the management level.

    I think that age is a factor that has to be assessed individually. I’d take a 70+ Morrison over a 50+ Cho any day.

    When Cho stated in the debates during the last election that people should vote for him because he had the energy that was required to go to meetings and public functions, it was about the most tacky thing I’d seen in a long time. Showing up is about 40%; the rest is judgment.

  41. I voted for Cho and Bacon last year.

    Cho is an odd figure. I’ve watched him in many city council meetings. (Apologies to Steve in advance) I believe that he has a terrible persona.

    While he is examining and considering an issue, he’s frequently want to discuss various related issues and points without drawing a conclusion (one of the reasons I think people who haven’t observed him at length might see him as unwilling to take a position) – but also one of the reasons I see him as pretty thoughtful. He considers issues carefully before drawing a conclusion.

    Cho was the only member of the council to openly question the China trip boondoggle that Bob W ran off with….. Cho was the only member of the council that asked even mildly pointed questions of the Wolfes during their initial presentation of the A’s planning.

    From what I’ve observed – He cares about Fremont and considers issues from the perspective of the community . . . . which is exactly why neither he nor Vinnie won last year.

    I’ll vote for both Bacon and Cho if they run again.

    Members of the existing council do not get my vote as they are pro-development (at ANY cost) – every single member is getting along to get along and they are all vastly disconnected from the community they represent (case in point – when was the last time you saw one of them participate in this or any BLOG ?)

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