And this is from November.

Photographer Bea Ahbeck is proof that you need not to be tall to be Swedish nor have dark hair to be smart. She’s both.

Unfortunately for us at The Argus, however, The Tiniest Viking is the latest to get thrown overboard in the shipwreck that is the news business.

Her layoff was made official Friday.

It’s a big loss. Bea’s tough as nails: both at the Argus poker table, where she finished many a close seconds, and out in the field.

We worked Sundays together in 2006, and I remember one time she climbed to the edge of a cliff to get the best possible picture of a hang glider who had crashed below.

That autumn was Stakeout Sunday. Nearly every week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Fremont cops were doing some kind of SWAT operation usually with a crazy person trapped inside of a house. We’d sneak around barriers and peak over fences looking for better views, often during critical junctures of NY Giants games that I was missing.

Here are some of the types of photos that will be missing from the paper now that she’s gone.

There’s the artistic shots, like this during a project in Africa:

The American classic shots:

The portraits:

The underwater:

The beautiful:

And, the truly scary:

We also won’t have her web productions, including this really funny one about peacocks in Union City.

But Bea’s still around. She actually lives in Fremont, and, in case you’re in the market, I hear she’s a super great wedding photographer.

As for the Argus, we still have an excellent photographer based out of Fremont, and others have come down to help out when he’s not around. And, if they can’t make it down here, fear not, I have a Cannon four megapixel sharpshooter, and I’m not afraid to use it.

Check out this self-portrait. The future of newspapers is at hand:

Matt Artz