Cops seeking suspect in beating, robbery of elderly woman

Take a good look at the guy shown here. Police said today they are looking for him in connection with the beating and robbery of a 75-year-old woman earlier this week. The story was just posted (link) on our site. Do you know who this guy is? Contact the Fremont Police Department, 510-790-6900.



  1. Such a sad story – I sure hope somebody finds this guy.

    Just wanted to thank you and Linh for keeping us informed while Matt’s away.

  2. Here’s the text from a Fremont Police Department press rlease…

    Incident: Robbery / Assault **UPDATE**
    Case Number: 090309046
    Date/Time: March 14, 2009 11:00 AM
    Suspect Arrested: Jose Antonio Rodriguez Flores, 22yrs, Fremont resident

    At 11:00 this morning an arrest was made in the robbery / assault of an elderly woman that occurred on March 9, 2009. The suspect was arrested without incident while
    leaving his home in Fremont’s Irvington District. The suspect has been interviewed and charged with robbery and felony battery.

    The arrest was the result of a tip from a citizen who saw and recognized the suspect’s photo on the evening news. On behalf of the victim, her family, and the Fremont Police Department we would like to thank all the news agencies that participated in putting out this

  3. FYI: The evening news today said that they have made an arrest!

  4. What a relief that they caught this guy. The story goes online at noon on the 13th and by 11 the next morning he’s in custody. So what motivates a 22 year old guy to beat up a 75 year old lady? Drugs?

    Also nice that his face, full name and where he lives are out there. Nothing like good old fashioned public scorn.

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