No more head shops

UPDATE: I don’t know my Fremont smoke shops. You can also get water pipes and glass pipes at Wonderland on Fremont Boulevard at Chapel Way and Underground Smoke & Accessories on Thornton at Post Street.

The folks at Underground told me over the phone that they sell the stuff. The guy who answered the phone at Wonderland said that store didn’t sell them. But I visited this afternoon and, let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. They have quite a selection.

However, neither shop apparently has the necessary permit to sell the bongs and glass pipes that they offer, so both shops might be operating illegally. Oh well. 

Fremont’s Planning Commission last week rejected a proposed head shop on Grimmer Boulevard in Irvington. So for now, the only place to feel good about buying pipes for marijuana smoking in Fremont is at the Devils Workshop in Niles.

Commissioner David Bonaccorsi was outspoken in his opposition to a head shop opening within a mile from Irvington High School. He also had plenty to say to a colleague about his very vocal support of the A’s.

But when Bonaccorsi challenged that colleague for the commission’s vice chairmanship, he got smoked. More on that soon.

Matt Artz


  1. the smoke shop in Fremont Blvd. between Grimmer and Fremont can also take care of all of your needs but Devils Workshop is still the best.

  2. Forget about the smoke shop. Solyndra’s won some federal money. This makes way for a new plant in Fremont, with more jobs. Good positive news 🙂

  3. Andy

    That is in Warm Sprins you better get the approval of the of te all those special people that livw in that area. They may protest and say they are slowing down the internet service or something like that.

    For a group of people that have to much money why would they care about projects that could bring in money or jobs to the city? That the folks in Warm Springs

  4. Let’s take a straw poll –

    1. Anybody think that drugs are being consumed by Irvington High students – right now ?

    2. Anybody think that the rate of consumption of drugs by Irvington High students (or anyone else in that area) will change as a result of their proximity to a “head shop” ?

    Bonaccorsi either never has had any dealings with anyone in the substance abuse community or he has and is still in total denial. If Bonaccorsi or anyone else thinks they are doing the community a service with this decision – they are misinformed.

    David B or anyone else that thinks this planning decision makes any difference whatsoever – I respectfully suggest you spend a couple of evenings attending a local Narcanon or P90 (San Mateo Co) meeting…..

    “God give me the serenity . . .”

  5. Mr. Bonacorsi seems to be a bit behind the curve to me. Didn’t A.G. Holder say last week that the federal government would no longer prosecute dispensers of medical marijuana? (even though they did close down one in the City the other night)

    Isn’t Ammiano sponsoring legislation (A.B. 390) to decriminalize recreational uses of marijuana and tax its use to bring us about a billion dollars closer to closing the state budet gap? I know Obama said today that he was not in favor of legalizing marijuana, but it does seem like the glacier is thawing a bit in that regard.

    By the way, great news that Solyndra is coming to town – that’s the kind of business that we need.

  6. Forgot to say – welcome back, Matt! Great to have you back in business keeping us informed.

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