Stimulus could fund Fremont cops

President Obama apparently wasn’t kidding said the stimulus bill would create high-paying jobs.

Fremont released a report last week estimating that the city would receive more than $9 million in stimulus funds.

Of that $682,824 would go to fund five police officer positions. This is where I usually rail against cops all making more than 100k, but given what happened in Oakland Saturday, I won’t go down that road.

Anyway, the Fire Department would get $1.5 – $2 million for storage buildings at two fire stations that had been put on ice due to cost restraints.

The biggest chunk of change, about $4 million would go for street repairs. There would also be nearly $700k for homeless prevention programs and up to $2 million for clean energy projects.

Matt Artz


  1. Welcome back Matt!

    Actually, the cost of keeping one officer on the street is much, much more than just their individual salary, just as in any business or organization. I don’t know the numbers, but I’m certain the police department has them.

  2. We definitely need homeless prevention-have you noticed the ever increasing amount of homeless people around central Fremont?

  3. we received a letter (from a real estate agent) stating 33% of all single family homes in Fremont are either foreclosed properties or short sales. i was surprised the % seems high…

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