Another Target for Fremont

Soon Fremont will have as many Targets as it does Applebees. The planned Creekside Landing retail retail center will have a Target as well as the previously announced Nordstrom Rack. The shopping center, which could open as early as next year, will be on the southern edge of the city, off Dixon Landing Road.

Matt Artz


  1. Matt, any idea if this will be a Target Greatland store?

    Their Fremont store at the Hub is a Target Not-So-Greatland. It was shoehorned in to fit the existing space and doesn’t have near the selection offered at the NewPark location.

  2. I so hope Doug is right.
    A “Greatland” version of Target is just what we need.

    (Note for Target marketeers – wouldn’t the name “Great Wall” project a more concise image of where these products originate ?)

  3. Coyote_Bill, what else do you expect in Fremont? This development fits fremont’s profile to the dot. Guys stop pretending fremont is palo alto

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