Fremont goes after alleged nuisance property

From a quick glance on Google Earth, Kay Court is a resonably nice cul-de-sac with ranch homes, a couple of backyard swimming pools and a basketball hoop at the end of the block.

But one house on the block between Roberts Avenue and the railroad tracks is a drug den, according legal papers filed by the city last month in Alameda County Superior Court. Fremont is asking a judge to declare the property ” a public nuisance” and force out the owners and residents occupying the home, which would be closed for a year.

According to the complaint, in June, 2007, police found 8.1 grams of crystal meth and a digital scale in a secret compartment in the kitchen. In November, a police informant purchased the drug from one of the residents.”

The city maintains that “people who are invited to the property frequently leave severely intoxicated and generally engage in loud and disruptive behavior including, without limitation, throwing garbage in neighbors’ yards and yelling.

One occupant of the house “often invites guests into his backyard, where they smoke marijuana, drink, play loud music, and behave in an extremely noisy and disruptive manner,” according to the complaint.

I’m told Fremont doesn’t do too many drug house nuisance abatements.

Matt Artz