The state of the city is ….

Time for Bob Wasserman’s State of the City address. He takes the stage in less than an hour. About a half-hour after that, I go table-to-table looking for uneaten desserts.

Usually, these are optimistic speeches. We’ll what we get today. I betting on a lot of talk about the new Solyndra solar panel factory.

Matt Artz


  1. I hope the mayor does focus on the Solyndra news. We should take this story and run with it. Much like Silicon Valley became the mecca for the semiconductor industry, we should be beating the bushes for the solar and green tech business. Let them know Fremont has the power!

  2. Doug’s right. Green’s the way to go.

    I remember The Mayor’s speech last year, wherein he said that Fremont was going to be a big city whether everybody liked it or not, so we might as well get used to it. Whoever said that politicians are supposed to be diplomatic never got the word to Mr. “My Way or the Highway”.

    Perhaps the beating The Mayor took over the stadium debacle will have tenderized him a bit. We’ll see.

    BTW, I bugged half of the people in City Hall last year trying to get a transcript of The Mayor’s State of the City address. All I could get was a summary and the URL for a video. Matt, if you manage to find a transcript, please share? We can’t all afford $700 to sponsor a table or to take the time off work, if we’re fortunate enough to still be employed. Yes, I know it’ll be on public access, but I’m just a “see it in print” kind of guy. That’s why I read The Beat.

    And please give our regards to Nina Moore – I hope she appreciates that you took down that naughty post about her a while back.

  3. Solyndra will be the big topic. He even admitted in a KGO interview that there was a dearth of “good news” to report, so the Solyndra deal was going to take precedent during his speech.

    Other issues I wish he’d address:

    *Installing a massive irrigation system in the east bay hills that would keep the hills green year round.

    *Repaving my street this week, followed by bi-monthly street cleaning.

    *Proposing a city law banning Gloria Allred from entering city limits.

  4. Here is what I think Mayor Wassermans State of the City is:
    Develop, development, develop, do not let a empty lot go undeveloped.
    Develop our parks, hell just a lot of empty space, lets develop, develop

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