Spice recall update

Here’s an update on the voluntary recall of white and black peppers and other spices packaged by Union International Food Co. in Union City. The first blog entry was posted Monday.

In addition to the “Lian How” brand, health officials are warning consumers not to eat spices packaged under the “Uncle Chen” label, which were sold to retail stores. Four supermarkets in the Tri-City area have been identified as receiving the spices. For the full list, click here.

For a list of restaurants that purchased spices from the Union City plant, click here. Twenty-seven Tri-City restaurants made the list.

For updates, visit the California Department of Public Health’s Web site.

Linh Tat


  1. What’s up – it’s Friday after 5 p.m. and there’s been no new posts in two days? Matt, Linh, Ben are y’all on furlough again, or working on a big story? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Ashley, I believe Matt’s role at the Argus may have been expanded, leaving him less time to blog (an idle mind is devil’s playground).

    I chided Matt yesterday when I turned to the Local “front page” of the Argus and saw he not only wrote the story on the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Washington Blvd. overpass, but also snapped the accompanying photo.

    Looks like MediaNews is taking lessons from local television stations (KRON), which now has their reporters act as the camera crew as well.

    Hey Matt, I think you can justify asking the boss for a better camera.

  3. I’m curious why Matt A. is so quick to generalize the Fremont Citizens Network as being “Fueled by… NIMBY (“Not in my backyard”) rage….”

    …rage ??

    RAGE ??!!!

    See todays article for as long as it lasts –

    How reminiscent this choice of words is of that other characterization of, a “..mob..” –

    This is either an incredibly poor choice of descriptions or is a conscious undermining of the reputation of this group of Fremont taxpayers and Argus subscribers.

    I understand political motivation to discredit ones opponents but I fail to comprehend why a “free press” reporter would so blatantly seek to discredit a grass-roots community action group.

  4. Bbox, I agree with you. The Argus is good for misinformation. I am a member of the FCN . I live in Central Fremont . Several of my friends also are members and they live in Central / North Fremont.

    I attended the protest at City Hall, it was the most civil, well behaved protest that I have seen. The Fremont police estimated the crowd at approximately 200 . I was watching one individual who was going around with a clicker/counter and He counted 571, and more kept coming. The police did not have a clue as they were busy guarding the City Hall front door and the walkway, not that anyone was interested in going there. Chief Steckler was also there at the beginning.
    I guess if you want to call a large group of concerned citizens a mob, so be it. I wonder what the Mayor would have called it if it was in support of the A’s.

    Matt cannot be everywhere gathering information and you would think the police department would give a accurate crowd count, but then Chief Steckler is a good friend of Mayor Wasserman’s

    I blame the Voters of Fremont’s apathy that has got us into a helluva mess. It appears that the mayor and city council represents the developers more then the citizens. I think the FCN is in response to that.

    The Friends of Coyote Hills has not gone away. We are awaiting the EIR on the Patterson Development, we are also opposing Newark’s Development of Area 4, but that is another subject you will never see in the Argus shopper.

  5. I, too was a bit surprised by the general tone of the article. I know that newspapers are having a difficult time these days, and I was trying to chalk the article’s rather defeatist tone down to the stress of being in that business at this time. I’m also not entirely clear why Our Mayor was given a platform to try to portray himself as “Mr. Inclusive”, when everybody knows that he only represents certain conservative factions of the community.

    I do think that the Fremont Citizen’s Network has a place in this town, largely to perform the informational services that are not being provided by the City staff whose salaries we are paying. It will be interesting, however, to see how the FCN organization handles the situation if people on opposing sides of issues seek to establish working groups through the FCN site.

    Perhaps just having the article in the paper will encourage more people to join the site and become involved. Yes, “rage” really was going a bit over the line, Matt. Neither stadium site was anywhere near my back yard, but I was involved in the movement because it would have been disastrous for Fremont. Expecting your issues to be addressed by the government that you pay to maintain hardly qualifies as “rage”, except to somebody like Our Mayor.

  6. It does seem to me that, rather than referring to the Fremont Citizen’s Network as “Group that helped kill (the) baseball stadium plan”, it would have been more accurate to describe FCN as the “group that helped save Fremont from a bottomless tax-sucking pit that would have haunted us for years”.

    Don’t get me wrong, Matt, I do appreciate your work on this blog, but I also think that, in this case, your prejudices may have peeked out a bit. It’s one thing to vent your opinions here, but the Argus is still, nominally at least, a newspaper, and I think it’s reasonable to expect that some objectivity should be shown on it’s pages.

  7. I think Matt’s description of the FCN is right on the money. Especially if all he had to go on was the image FCN’s proponents project here at the TCB.

  8. Gosh, I think Matt is far more responsible a reporter than to base a printed report in Argus on just the postings in any BLOG. . . .

    Further, since no one on this BLOG has been requested to identify themselves as a proponent or opponent of FCN, I have absolutely no idea how anyone with a half-ounce of common sense could conclude as Marty suggests.

  9. Anon, the fact that you’d even respond to my comment essentially proves my point. Thanks for playing.

  10. I request Matt to post a one liner here if he writes an article on the paper so we can discuss it on that topic. It won’t take you much time, but it helps all the readers to participate in discussing it here.

  11. D, I agree. Matt, why hast thou forsaken us? Please come back. All is forgiven. Pretty soon we’ll have to resort to talking about eachother, and you know where that leads. Tomorrow it’ll be a week since the last post. Too long, buddy.

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