Best of ???

bestoffremontI’m reading The Fremont Bulletin’s Best of Fremont 2009 edition from a couple of weeks ago. We used to do something similar. It was a great way to butter up folks and generate ads. But really, who needs ads?

While the old Argus Best of the Tri-Cities edition included reporter contributions (Anyone remember where was the Best Place to Avoid Councilmember Anu Natarajan in 2006?) the Bulletin just does a reader poll.

Some of these are spot on. Others show just how much folks around here love the big chains.

Take the first category: Best Bakery. The winner was Vienna Bakery & Cafe. That’s great, but how did an honorable mention go to Costco.

For Best Coffee, Mission Coffee was the winner, which is reasonable. But somehow Bay Street and Suju’s didn’t even get an honorable mention, while Starbucks did.

Best Desserts in a Restaurant: PF Chang’s China Bistro. How does a city with so many Chinese people even have this place? You wouldn’t find a Pizza Hut or Olive Garden in Bensonhurst.

Best Burrito: Chipotle   –  You shouldn’t be allowed to live in California if you think Chipotle has the best burrito. Sell me your house for $100,000 and move to Manitoba.

Best Bar: The Elephant Bar — Something tells me they don’t have shuffleboard. Mojo’s does, but it only got an honorable mention.

Best Pharmacy: Kaiser Medical Center  — This beat out Hallers, Fremont’s only independent pharmacy.

Best Doctor: Dr. Gorsulowsky  –  Two problems with this choice. One, they didn’t give his first name. Two, he’s a dermatologist. Shouldn’t the best doctor in town do something more important than unclog pores and lance warts?

There were a lot of legit winners: Dale Hardware, Regan’s Nursery, Lloyd’s Doughnut Kitchen, Salang Pass, Shalimar, Bob’s, and, of course, Country Way.

Still, McDonald’s won honorable mention for best kids’ restaurant. Not good.

BTW: The best place to avoid Anu Natarajan in 2006 was the Washington Township Men’s Club.

Matt Artz

  • John

    All hail YOU for saying what needed to be said! And isn’t this always the way with “Best Of” polls? It’s exactly why I never fill out the survey forms (and maybe why I should start).

  • Doug

    Remember the old Argus when it ran local stories? Today’s edition, 4/25/09 on the Local page carries stories from San Leandro and other parts north.

    Matt, are you on furlough again?

    Oh wait, there was one Fremont story on the Local page about the female bank robber hitting Chase.

    p.s. Tell Ben that Chase is on the corner of Walnut and Paseo Padre Parkway, not Walnut and Capitol. Walnut and Capitol run parallel.

  • Fremont_Bill

    Mens only club, hmmmm.. Is the Klu Klux Klan a mens only club?

  • Marty

    I doubt the KKK would be all that excited to have Steve Cho as a member and Lewis Wolff as a featured speaker, if the implication was they are bigots.

  • Doug

    Matt, I’m trying to figure out why you decided to post such an extensive review of your cousin paper’s Best of Fremont list (the Fremont Bulletin is also owned by MediaNewsGroup).

    I learn more about what’s going on in Fremont from this once-a-week, free paper that’s dropped off in my driveway than a week’s worth of my Argus subscription.

    Bulletin Stories this week:
    New Townhomes in Irvington Advance

    Color photos and story of Niles Depot move
    (the hardcopy has a couple pics)

    Medical building approved by Fremont planning commission

  • http://www.jimsjoint.com jim

    I always thought the “best of” awards were a bunch of crap. You proved it. If we lived in a town where the best bakery was Costco, the best Italian was at Olive Garden, and the best coffee was at starbucks, I’d be a shamed.

    Dont the “winners” have to pay a “fee” to enter?

    fyi- I like the Fremont Bulletin

  • http://www.fremontcitizensnetwork.org D Alur

    D’oh! Chipotle – best burrito? Kaiser – best pharmacy ? McDonald’s – best kids restaurant?

    Let me ask…Anyone know any “best” places for:
    - Mexican food: I never am able to find a place that serves some rockin mole around here.
    - Kids food: any fun places to take 10 year olds (nooo, not Elephant Bar!)

  • Doug

    D Alur
    Mexican – dining in – La Pinata (near Raley’s)
    Mexican – take out – Salsa Picante No.2 (41965 Fremont Blvd. near old Smart N’ Final)

    Kids? Not a clue

    Chipotle Burrito – how about Best Burrito in under 5 minutes? Ingredients are all fresh and you watch it being made.

  • Billy Bob

    Best take out Mexican is Los Portales in Newark. Cedar and Thornton. Very clean and authentic. Also in UC , Carnitas Michoacan in the Safeway shopping center. Not fremont. U
    Not close enough for good food. For Thai food, its gotta be Sale Thai on State st.