Newark Unified’s response to “Swine” flu

We’ll have a story  in tomorrow’s paper about how local school districts are reacting to the Swine flu, but here is a bit of info for those who live in Newark. Superintendent Kevin Harrigan sent notes to district employee and parents this week addressing the issue. 

In a nut shell, the note to employees states that school activities will continue as normal unless a confirmed case comes from the area. If that happens, then the district will work with county health officials to determine if school closures are needed. (View note to staff HERE) (.doc)

The note to parents also addresses the issue, but urges parents to to keep their children at home if they exhibit flu-like symptoms. (View note to parents HERE) (.pdf)  (Spanish/Espanol version is HERE) (.pdf)

Newark Unified is also going to use it’s Web site to distribute information.



  1. I knew eventually something would get posted about the H1N1 virus. The headline at the top of today’s Argus, “Too much ado about the swine flu?” nailed it. Simple answer, YES. Yes, yes, yes!

    Network news loves long, drawn out situations like this because it gives them day-after-day of coverage to stir the masses and build panic, all the while stating there’s no cause for alarm.

    Overkill accurately describes the news media, not the H1N1 flu strain.

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