NewPark Mall gets an arcade

Looks like within the last two weeks NewPark Mall has welcomed a new client — “Tilt” arcade. It’s a rather small location, but it’s toward the south end of the mall on the bottom floor, close to the former Mervyns.

A friend of mine who grew up in Fremont said there used to be an arcade at the mall — he seems to remember it also being called “Tilt” — but I’m not sure if this is the same. There used to be a “Tilt” at Vallco Mall (now known as Cupertino Square) in Cuptertino, but it was much bigger.



  1. Matt, just checked with a friend who works for an arcade company and used to live here. Your buddy’s right, there was an arcade at Newpark called Tilt.

  2. I’ll make sure to pass that note along to Matt …


  3. That and a couple of more “dollar” stores and maybe Newpark will be complete? Honestly, there isn’t a shop here that I care about (other than Target). You could die in Macy’s with $100 bill in your hand and it would take the staff all day to notice you. Well call this the “stabbing mall” because of the random violence in the parking lot. I, myself, eschew this for Stoneridge mall where they actually have real stores.

  4. I believe this arcade was formerly near the lower level entrance out to the eastern parking garage area. Since Newpark opened, I think I had been in the arcade 3 times. (I spent much more time at Galaxy during lunch hour at WHS.) I’m not surprised that I didn’t notice it had gone, and now come back (?). Not that I ever spend much time in Newpark Mall now either.

  5. Wow, I said “entrance out.” Either or. Six of one. You get the idea.

  6. How does someone who writes for the Argus not know that for many years NewPark Mall had an arcade called “Tilt?”

    In fact, I don’t recall the mall NOT having a “Tilt.” So why is this news exactly??

  7. I suspect the original Tilt’s been closed for a few years and doubt there’s a marker to note where it once stood. Short of that, how would someone know where stores used to be?

    Of course, I still refer to ‘where Fry’s used to be’ when mentioning the intersection of Warm Springs and Mission Blvds and think of the Giants as still a New York team…

  8. “Short of that, how would someone know where stores used to be?”

    If you write for The Argus, you should know about the city and the mall. Fact is Tilt never closed down at NewPark. It simply moved locations and then the blogger here announces it like it’s a new business in the mall. It’s not, thus this is a complete non-story.

  9. Strange, I always thought NewPark Mall was in Newark…
    Oh, I see, by ‘the city’ you meant Newark. Now it makes sense.

  10. Actually it was downstairs. Right next to the entrance that faces the parking garage. I remember it as being the Goldmine. The facade was made to look like an old mine shaft. It was really dark. Then, I believe around 1989-1991, it became Tilt.

  11. Yes, you are right early 80’s there was a Goldmine arcade. I played many times there as a kid, towards the left of the arcade near the entrance there was also a very small pet store that you can bareley walk thru that was next to Goldmine arcade.

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