BART to Warm Springs contract

BART sent us this press release


Today’s Board action authorizes the General Manager to award a

million contract for the Fremont Central Park Subway portion of the

extension project to Shimmick Construction Co., Inc./Skanska USA Civil

California District Inc. Joint Venture (“Shimmick/Skanska”).

This contract will construct the trackway embankment south of

Avenue and the BART subway from just north of Stevenson Boulevard,

Fremont Central Park, including a portion of Lake Elizabeth, and beneath

the Union Pacific Rail Road freight track to just north of Paseo Padre

Parkway. Continue Reading


Restaurant inspections

Former Argus reporter Angela Woodall (that’s how she loves to be referred) blogged from Oakland about the county’s restaurant inspection database. It is amazing how many good restaurants get cited for bad hygiene.

To check out the database click here.

To read Angela’s blog post, click here.


Please donate #1

Steve Cho and two others sent out an email this week on behalf on the 4th of July Parade, which will be in Warm Springs this year. He wrote that “The U.S. is the best country where everybody wants to come.” He also wrote that the parade needs more moolah.

Here’s the key paragraph for people who want to contribute:

If all citizens of Fremont would donate just $1.00, we’ll have a great parade. Here’s an easy way to donate. Just click on this link http://www.fremont4th.org/ to logon to the Fremont July 4 website and select the DONATE button. Or, if you would like to do it the old fashion way via the U.S. mail, you may send it to Fremont Fourth of July Parade, P.O. Box 1372, Fremont, Ca 94538.


Should drivers avoid Alvarado-Niles Road?

It turns out that Union City’s Alvarado-Niles Road rehab project may not pose as much of an inconvenience to commuters as originally thought — or rather, not as long of an inconvenience.

Thjs is the first time in 20 years that the major thoroughfare (from Western Ave. to the I-880 onramp) will be paved with a fresh layer of asphalt. I’m sure motorists will appreciate the smoother driving experience once the project is complete, but until then, they’ve been warned to expect traffic delays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays because one lane in each direction will be shut down at a time.

The entire project, which includes repaving and restriping the lanes, is scheduled to last until mid-August. But Mintze Cheng, director of the public works department, clarified at this week’s City Council meeting that the majority of the lane closures will end by mid-June, not August. The last half of the project mainly will consist of putting new reflectors on the ground.

I’m still curious to know just how badly traffic has been affected by the lane closures. If you’ve been down Alvarado-Niles the last couple of days, feel free to leave a comment. Should drivers avoid the road? What alternate routes would you suggest?


image from TELPortfolio’s site on flickr.com


Film and Food

Live from the Olympic Peninsula:

I don’t know if this story made the Argus, but the temporary demise of the Cerrito Theater does impact Fremont. El Cerrito’s redevelopment agency put a lot of money into rehabbing the theater and then signed a deal to with a company to operate it as a food and film venue — exactly what a consultant recommended Fremont do with the Center Theater..

But the operators of the El Cerrito went belly up, and now the theater is closed until the city can find a new operator.

Click here for more.


Ohlone’s budget problems

Maybe readers get as sick of reading about budget woes as I get writing about them?

Ohlone doesn’t know what kind of deal its getting from the state yet, but if the governor’s budget proposal from last week was actually passed, the school would be out $6 million — about 13 percent of its $46 million budget.

The school cub back classes by 18 percent this summer. It will cut back on classes for the spring and fall, but not by as much as it did this summer. I’ll have a little something in the paper about it this Wednesday.

I’ll be away yet again. This time for a week. Back in June.


It’s good to be a lawyer in Fremont

It looks like the City Attorney’s office is the least affected by Fremont’s budget cuts.

The City Manager’s Department is facing an 8.8 percent cut,
City Clerk – a 7.8 percent cut
Finance – an 8.3 percent cut
HR – a 10.9 percent cut
Economic Development – a 9.4 percent cut

But the City Attorney’s Office is seeing its budget increase 0.5 percent from $8.8 million to $8.84 million. It doesn’t say why that is.


More budget cut casualties

Fremont will no longer provide street tree maintenance. It’ll be up to property owners once the City Council passes a new law.

Less recruitment of retailers

Less maintenance at Central Park

No temporary skate park

No more scholarships for 139 low-income families to participated in the summer playground program


Return of rolling fire station brownouts

Fremont released its proposed budget today. Due to staff reductions, “fire station closures will be rotated throughout the city.”

That’s what cities do to cut down on firefighter overtime. Fremont is  reducing fire department positions from 161 to 152. I don’t know how many of those positions are vacant.