Union City plant sued

Union International Food Co., the spice manufacturing and packaging plant whose black and white pepper products have been linked to 60 salmonella cases in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, is being sued by a So Cal man.

David Navarrette, of San Pedro, is suing the Union City plant for negligence and claims in the lawsuit that the company did not fulfill its “duty to take reasonable measures” to protect consumers. Specifically, the company failed to monitor adequately the safety and sanitary conditions of its premises and to follow federal guidelines, among other allegations cited in the suit.

The company has recalled many of its spices, sauces and oils. More info can be found on the state’s health department Web site.

To view the lawsuit, click here.

Linh Tat


  1. I appears this guy got sick after eating at a Reno Buffet, so draw your own conclusions about which one of the 1000’s of opportunities to get sick at a buffet did him in.

    Furthermore, David Navarrette played guitar for a band called Jane’s Addiction, so who knows what other underlying infections this guy had prior to eating at the buffet.

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