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Fremont is officially in the water park business starting Saturday. Fremont Bank Aqua AdventureĀ opensto the public at 11 a.m. on the far south end of Central Park, off of Paseo Padre. I’ve been doing some volunteer work with pre-teens in Union City and this is apparently a big deal.

Matt Artz


  1. My family is boycotting the Water Park, it is a tremendous waste of taxpayers money.
    The Water Park wastes water (During a drought), wastes energy (huge pumps for pumping the water)
    It is not close to being green.
    The location is bad, next to fresh water wetlands and a Egret Rookery.
    The other thing is the chemicals used in the water to keep the bacteria to a safe level.
    The only champion of the Water park, besides our City Council is the Argus, strange alliance.

  2. I think for going green, first thing we need to do is ban all GM/Chrysler/Ford vehicles for 5 years. When I drive around UC, Newark esp, I see lot of people driving these big nonsense cars, pushing the gas pedal hard only to stop at a traffic light few yards away. Then the very same people complain about gas prices. šŸ˜€

  3. That’s a great idea, Andy! It’s prejudicial, arbitrary, self-congratulatory and bordering on fascist. Just what our lawmakers are looking for when drafting “green” legislation.

  4. Maybe the city missed this chance? My son’s senior class at Irvington is going to the waterpark for they’re senior pinic next Monday. Not in Fremont but in San Jose at Raging Waters. Now I know the Fremont park is not open on weekdays………..but since they had plenty of time to approach the school and make arrangements to open it for the few hours the kids would be there. Sounds like great promotion to me. For the record my kids say the Fremont Waterpark is weak.

  5. On memorial day, the water park was filled with people. I was happy to see kids esp. under 12 having lot of fun. Fremont water park is mostly for younger kids and not teenagers who want more thrill. I think its unfair to compare it with Raging waters. The water park is more casual fremont residents who want to cool down on hot summers, have fun with their smaller kids. It is not a full fledged water park with thrill rides.

  6. Adults wasting water and other resources and recommending cutting back on a kids water park is ridiculous.

  7. Jeez I thought the water park was for all ages. I didn’t realize it was designed for pre-teens and younger. Isn’t that limiting revenue that the city needs.

  8. the mayor wants Fremont citizens to spen their money here in Fremont….so the math is for the Senior Picnic was $35 per student times approx.300 kids and 5 high schools. Still sounds like the city screwed up to me

  9. Anecdotal but, I see several surounding communities considering the closure (temporary) of their community swim facilities owing to budget shortfalls – – – I guess the conclusion I draw is that these public swim facilities struggle to be a “money maker” . . . .. Maybe the margins on a “waterpark” are more significant than that of a simple swimming pool – – – – or, maybe our timing was incredibly bad – how *should* constituency be able to discern the difference ?

  10. In the food chain of public facilities, a water park is strictly wasted calories. The old swim lagoon was popular when it first opened too, then the novelty wore off, maintenance slacked off, attendance nosedived and we got what we have now – the City’s latest “flavor of the month”.

    By all means, enjoy it while it lasts – you paid for it.

    B, I don’t know how we as residents should discern the difference between a good facility for investment and a poor one, and I’m not sure that we should have to.

    To me, it’s more important to be able to to discern a good candidate for City Council or Planning Commission (or City Manager, if we could ever put that position on the ballot) who can be depended on to make better decisions than this.

  11. Since the new water park doesn’t operate off general funds, but rather is expected to pay its costs (and more) from the revenue it generates, it should be very easy to figure out if it’s successful. According to the manager, they are on track to selling out of season passes by mid-June, a bit ahead of schedule.

    Ironically, if you search online for ‘Fremont’ and ‘water park’ you’ll find Fremont, Nebraska just built and opened a similar venue a year or two ago. Reading their local paper you’ll find many of the same pro and con arguments as we have had presented.

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