G-d bless us all

This one goes out to the folks who malign The Arugs for supposedly being chummy with the cities it covers. It’s the TCV’s coverage of the second coming … oops I mean Union City’s 50th birthday parade.

God Bless America, God Bless Union City

By Simon Wong
Photos By Mike Heightchew
Union City displayed all that is good about America on May 16. The City’s 50th Anniversary Parade, the Classic Car Show at Charles F. Kennedy Park and the 16th Annual Asian-American Heritage Festival, an affiliated event sponsored by the Asian American Federation of California, were celebrations of civic pride, diversity and unity.

UC50 Chair Helen Kennedy and her team of volunteers have donated countless hours to plan the year’s calendar of 50th Anniversary events, backed by sponsors and donors who pledged their support more two years ago and honored them despite the subsequent economic downturn. They brought the City’s community, neighbors and friends together.

The Parade, which seemed to be over so quickly, lasted for 90 minutes. The Island Thunder Motorcycle Club opened proceedings as they roared past the review stand occupied by City Manager Larry Cheeves and Deputy City Manager and Leisure Services Director Tony Acosta, the event’s announcers.

Matt Artz


  1. I guess you had to be there. Our folks put on a great parade, and the car show was pretty cool, too. It really was “countless hours” of effort. Deriding people for their community involvement is just plain wrong.

  2. Helen, sounds like it was a lovely parade and I’m sure you and many others put in a lot of work to make it so. I’m not sure why the internecine warfare between the Argh, it’s parent company, the Tri-City Voice and local residents had to spill over to your event. I hope you won’t take it personally. You do need shinguards on this site sometimes.

  3. Hi Helen,

    Great to see you read the blog. I wasn’t deriding Union City or its 50th birthday parade. I was making fun of the TCV’s coverage of it. Big difference.

  4. Out of curiosity, Matt, how would you have covered this event? If you’d written this story for the Argus, how would it have been different from the piece in TCV?

    You know, just because you work for the Argus, you don’t necessarily have to be a cheerleader for them. At least, I certainly hope you don’t.

    Those of us who have observed the Argus for many years are still hoping that it will find a way, in spite of the current newspaper crisis, to still do investigative reporting that keeps us informed about local events. That being said, we do not expect reporters to find a scandal lurking in every story. What the Argus no longer seems to realize is, when you give people the real news, stories that are interesting, informative, and well-written, information that they can’t get anywhere else, they will be more likely to actually purchase your publication.

    Matt, please don’t take my criticism of the Argus personally; you’re not responsible for their decline. You’re doing a good job – I just don’t get your partisan stumping for a paper that’s seen better days. Would they go out of their way to defend you?

  5. The headline was “God Bless America, God Bless Union City”

  6. That’s what I meant. But why is that the headline? The story doesn’t seem to have any religious angle at all (not that there’s anything wrong with it). Or is that a standard Tri-City Voice thing?

  7. Matt often mistakes cynicism for wit, and criticism for insight. Lest anyone think we in Union City take his comments personally, the fact is, most of us simply don’t care, and don’t subscribe…..long live the Oakland Tribune!

  8. Tony, this post is about the TCV’s blathering article. I’m sure Matt would have enjoyed the parade and considers Union City a fine place.

    This is in contrast to my opinion that Union City is Fremont’s version of East San Jose with it’s own mayor.

  9. I don’t see much difference between the TCV’s so-called “blathering article” and the story in the Argus, except the Argus only covered the parade and TCV also wrote about the car show and the Asian performances. I thought both did a nice job.

    In my mind, “God Bless America” is more patriotic than religious and, frankly, not so different in tone from the Argus headline “In Union City, a golden day from end to end”.

    So I’m not sure why you consider yourself and the Argus to be so superior, but it’s disingenuous to refer to the parade as “the second coming” and then claim you weren’t making fun of it. And your “Big difference” response seemed rude as well. That attitude isn’t going to save your newspaper.

  10. Way to go, Matt – – – –

    I’ll let your “criticism” of the other guys stand on its own. . . . . .It would appear that you are continuing to do an excellent job of alienating more and more of your potential subscriber-base.

    Keep up the good work !

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