Say Goodbye to Bollywood, NAZ is going mainstream

When I talk about Fremont to my friends back east,  one of the first things I mention is that the city has its own Bollywood movie theater. It pretty much says everything you need to know about the city’s diversity and thriving Indo-American population.

Well, I’m going to need a new example.

Starting Friday, NAZ8 Cinemas is transitioning from Bollywood to Hollywood. It will be debuting “Night at the Museum,” this Friday. Within a few weeks, it will devote five screens to mainstream, first-run Hollywood flicks, and two screens for Bollywood movies.

Ticket prices will be increased to $9.50. But the popcorn will be free, and they’ll still have samosas.

Shiraz Jivani, the theater’s owner, said he got permission from the big Hollywood studios to go mainstream after Cinedome 8 closed earlier this year, leaving Fremont without a first-run English language theater.

He said his business had suffered from tech slowdown, Bollywood movie piracy, and Bollywood’s inconsistency in releasing films. Bollywood producers have been on strike for more than a month, forcing Jivani to show reruns.

We’ll have a full story about this in the paper later this week. I just got back from the theater, and the reaction missed. A couple of people, both Indian said they were happy the theater would also show Hollywood flicks. A couple of others, both white Bollywood film buffs from Berkeley, were sad to hear the news.

Matt Artz


  1. Mr. Jivani knows how to get free publicity. 😉

    When he moved from CurrentPETSmart to the new location, boy o boy did he whine to Mercury news; How they are closing a landmark in fremont..forgot to mention he was moving to down the street.

    I do wish Fremont would get a nice movie theater.
    cause NAZ is charging the $9.50, yet the facility is not maintained at all.

  2. Went to see Star Trek and was the only one in the Theater! It was awesome, I had it all to myself and honestly, it wasn’t run down as much as you would think… as long as you don’t mind the Bollywood music playing prior to the flick… :-).

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