Newark movie theater could be next to close

When Shiraz Jivani decided to show Hollywood films at the NAZ 8, he was operating on the assumption that the Cinedome 7 Newark was not long for this world.

Why would he think that? Click here.

It’s a plan for a new development on Mowry in Newark. If you go to pages five and six, you see that the Cinedome is proposed to become a gym.

I called Cinemark, which owns the theater, but they didn’t call back.

Matt Artz


  1. It will be very interesting to see how this development in Newark fares in comparison to the nearby Globe development in Fremont. The Globe was struggling before the current economic downturn really put the kibosh on it – did they ever approve that night club that wanted to go in there?

    Having grown up in Fremont, I was raised to believe that Newark was pretty much Fremont’s developmentally delayed sibling. While working for City of Fremont, I found that attitude was also subtly fostered there. With the perspective of space and time, I see that Newark is, in most of the ways that count, far and away better run that Fremont. Newark tends to consistently adopt the “aw shucks” attitude I recognize from some of my midwestern forbears who dressed, behaved, and spoke as if they were dirt poor even though they were, in reality, loaded. Fremont, on the other hand, prefers flash over substance, consistently pushing the limit on all of its credit, both in terms of actual dollars and also in terms of public relations.

    How else to explain Our Mayor’s job approval rating compared to Dave Smith? What’s Smith on now, his sixteenth consecutive term in office? You don’t get that by insulting your constituents.

    I wish the owners and tenants of this development good luck. At least the taxes they pay to Newark won’t be frittered away.

  2. The Cinedomes were good theaters when we were in high school. I remember seeing many movies there. But that was many moons, and over two decades, ago. Now we’ll go to the Century 25 in Union City for convenience, or the Regal Cinema in Dublin for great eats (Tomatina!) and a good presentation. Even the Century 20 at Great Mall isn’t very far. We never even consider going to Cinedome. It’s time for them both to go. I only wish we could have blown them up or something better fitting their unique design, rather than a shut down and doze out.

    So is the 20-screen complex which was to be built inside of Newpark no longer happening?

  3. I think most people who live in Fremont will be inclined to go to a theater in fremont as against UC or newark. A movie theater in pacific commons wouldnt be too bad really. Newark should learn to live within its means.

  4. I’ve been talking to my family about Naz and they agree with me that $9.50 for a movie at Naz, even with free popcorn (that’s what they charge now), is ridiculous.

    First off, it’s a poorly run small theater. The theaters themselves don’t slope, so if someone tall sits in front of you, you are out of luck.

    Nobody is going to pay $9.50 to see an american movie, even with free popcorn, when you can go to UC for $10-11 and see the movie in a better theater. The price difference isn’t that substantial.

    What I’ve been telling people is that if Mr. Jivani really wants to get more people to see american movies there, he needs to substantially lower the price to get people to stop going to UC/Milpitas and build up some loyalty among non-Indian Fremont citizens. I’m thinking every day, every show $5.00 with free popcorn (popcorn will get people to buy sodas, which have huge profit margins).

    $5.00 v. $10, 10.50, or even 10.75 (Fri-Sat after 6pm at Century 25 in UC) is a no brainer. $9.50 vs. those prices? Not so much, especially for the quality of Naz Theaters.

    Another thing is that he wants to attract non-Indians, but the past few weeks I’ve walked around that center and by the theater. Didn’t see a single non-indian go there. Can’t imagine many are going to see the “Hollywood” movies.

    Finally, none of the Naz articles the past few months mentioned that Mr. Jivani was the last owner of the Cinedome 8 East. For the last year of Cinedome 8 East’s operation, at least one Bollywood or Tamil film would play there. In fact in the Indian community there was talk that this would become the new Naz. I haven’t seen much of that discussed anywhere.

  5. Does the Naz 8 at the Gateway Shopping Center have stadium style seating like at Cinearts or other new theaters?

  6. hmmmm. I believe there was a council candidate who’s been pushing for a new theater down by PacCom. gee wonder who that was….

  7. Naz 8 does NOT have stadium style seating.

    Naz 8 does not even have regular sloping style seating like at the Cinedomes.

    Naz 8 Theaters are flat. I know. I’ve seen Bollywood movies there. Even for bollywood, it’s not enjoyable because a tall person sits in front of you and you are can’t see the screen.

  8. Rick Muncie’s post just answered my question. Note the time of our posts.

  9. Once you’ve enjoyed the comforts of stadium style seating you won’t frequent the old style, let alone flat floors.

    Heck, I grew up in the Poconos in PA in the 50’s and even then our one movie house had a sloped floor!

  10. Correction on prices:

    NAZ is charging $8.00 matinee, $10.50 regular price, for Bollywood AND Hollwyood movies. The $8 matinee prices is for all ages, but the regular admission for children is $8.00


    $10.50 for a Saturday night showing of a new Hollywood release even further supports my positions. I’d rather pay $10.75 at Century 25 UC than $10.50 at a crappy former second run movie theater (remember when it was Super Saver Cinemas with $2 admission for second run films??)

  11. “Once you’ve enjoyed the comforts of stadium style seating you won’t frequent the old style, let alone flat floors.”

    But if Shiraz Jivani was smart enough to go for $5 admission for every day, every show with free popcorn, and marketed it heavily, he’d get people to come out. How could you spend $10.50 to see a Hollywood release there? Makes no sense if you’ve ever seen a movie at Naz 8 or remember when it was Super Saver Cinemas.

  12. Rick, I called Jivani. He said he didn’t own Cinedome 8. He just rented a screen.

  13. Thanks for the follow up Matt. There was definitely confusion in the Fremont Indian Community.

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