Wieckowski kicks off Assembly campaign

There were about 100 people at Bob Wieckowski’s campaign kick-off party last night at Olive Hyde.

It was nice.

He introduced me to his dad and one of his sisters, who gave me a much needed bottle of water. I also talked to the caterer, who taught me that you can actually make pretty good hummus without garbanzo beans or tahini.

Lots of political people there: Gus Morrison, Bob Wasserman, Bill Harrison, Anu Natarajan, Judy Zlatnik, Liz Figueroa, Tom Blalock (BART), Pat Danielson (Washington Hospital), Chris Peeples (AC Transit), Jeff Davis (AC Transit), etc.

Not too many easily identifiable developers in the house. Ray Tong, who is Fremont’s best hope for a funky supermarket, was there. He said no Berkeley Bowl in Fremont until the economy turns around.

I missed Bob’s speech, but I heard someone tell him it was inspirational. If it ever makes it to youtube, I’ll post it.

Matt Artz


  1. I suspect he will be as worthless in the state Assembly as he has been in the Fremont City Council

  2. What in the world is a “funky supermarket”?

    Watch out, Kyle – you’ll be hearing from the Bobby Fan Club!

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