Ohlone’s budget problems

Maybe readers get as sick of reading about budget woes as I get writing about them?

Ohlone doesn’t know what kind of deal its getting from the state yet, but if the governor’s budget proposal from last week was actually passed, the school would be out $6 million — about 13 percent of its $46 million budget.

The school cub back classes by 18 percent this summer. It will cut back on classes for the spring and fall, but not by as much as it did this summer. I’ll have a little something in the paper about it this Wednesday.

I’ll be away yet again. This time for a week. Back in June.

Matt Artz


  1. Ohlone had to take funds from January-April and defer them into July: about 2 1/2 million dollars have been moved into first month of the next fiscal year, next July. The college has sufficient cash right now to weber those cash refferals primarily because they have some funds from their bonds that is in the county which can be used to off set any shortfals in the general fund. BUT when that bond money gets spent borrowing may have to occur. As for now Ohlone College has sufficient reserves to take care of a 3.8 defiit for one year by using their resereves, primarily the rainy day one time usage. What this college will need essentially is another Bond in order to better serve the students, staff, faculty and the college as a whole.

    Unfortunately, with this whole budget crisis hitting Ohlone Community College hard, they have cut back on MANY classes especially summer time courses, shut down the school completely on Fridays, turned away kids aged below high school from taking college courses and have molded their own type of schedule faculty/staff should be following…which comes into debate that whole issue their undergoing now with their Human Resources.

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