Should drivers avoid Alvarado-Niles Road?

It turns out that Union City’s Alvarado-Niles Road rehab project may not pose as much of an inconvenience to commuters as originally thought — or rather, not as long of an inconvenience.

Thjs is the first time in 20 years that the major thoroughfare (from Western Ave. to the I-880 onramp) will be paved with a fresh layer of asphalt. I’m sure motorists will appreciate the smoother driving experience once the project is complete, but until then, they’ve been warned to expect traffic delays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays because one lane in each direction will be shut down at a time.

The entire project, which includes repaving and restriping the lanes, is scheduled to last until mid-August. But Mintze Cheng, director of the public works department, clarified at this week’s City Council meeting that the majority of the lane closures will end by mid-June, not August. The last half of the project mainly will consist of putting new reflectors on the ground.

I’m still curious to know just how badly traffic has been affected by the lane closures. If you’ve been down Alvarado-Niles the last couple of days, feel free to leave a comment. Should drivers avoid the road? What alternate routes would you suggest?


image from TELPortfolio’s site on flickr.com

Linh Tat


  1. I cant speak for the traffic in East San Jo..er Union City. But, does anyone know what the @%#* they are doing to Niles Blvd just south of the Bart bridge? There’s a new barrier that they seem to have placed right smack dab in the line of cars descending the bridge.

    Please tell me this isn’t a private entrance for the new development

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