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Steve Cho and two others sent out an email this week on behalf on the 4th of July Parade, which will be in Warm Springs this year. He wrote that “The U.S. is the best country where everybody wants to come.” He also wrote that the parade needs more moolah.

Here’s the key paragraph for people who want to contribute:

If all citizens of Fremont would donate just $1.00, we’ll have a great parade. Here’s an easy way to donate. Just click on this link http://www.fremont4th.org/ to logon to the Fremont July 4 website and select the DONATE button. Or, if you would like to do it the old fashion way via the U.S. mail, you may send it to Fremont Fourth of July Parade, P.O. Box 1372, Fremont, Ca 94538.

Matt Artz


  1. On the other hand, if all citizens of Fremont would donate just $1.00 to the legal fund for the elderly residents of the Besaro Mobile Home Park, it could go a long way toward making a meaningful difference in the lives of these seniors who are living on fixed incomes and fighting against the outrageous rent increases demanded by Jack Rogers, the retired City Director of Parks and Maintenance.

    July 4 is a lot of fun, but it comes just once a year; these folks deserve affordable housing every day. If memory serves, corporate sponsors have defrayed some of the cost of the parade. The residents at Besaro aren’t so fortunate.

    Donations can be made to Besaro HOA Legal Fund through Julie Smith at 510 870-8598, or Anne Marie Kadish at 510-797-7794.

    For the details of the situation, go to http://www.insidebayarea.com/argus/localnews/ci_12442966

  2. I’m with you in spirit F.L. – but, one question that has been troubling me from the start on this – Is there any legally defensible position that creates a modicum of hope that the renters could prevail ?

    Before we pass the hat (and potentially throw a couple of my ever decreasing disposable income dollars into the pocket of some ambulance chaser) I’d like to know if there’s an even chance at winning this fight.

    Not looking for a promise – just a reasonable hope.
    I ask this question as my uneducated guess is that a legal argument in favor of the renters MAY stand on very thin ice. (The moral argument is a slam-dunk in favor of them but, sadly, that may count for very little in this case)

  3. You know, B, all I know about the situation is what I read in the papers, and given the state of the Argh these days, that ain’t a lot. However, the paper says that, in seeking the rent increase, the owners assert that Fremont’s rent-control law has kept them from making a fair profit on the land. However, since Besaro turned a $1.09 million profit in 2006 and a $1.18 million profit in 2007, perhaps their best legal strategy would lie in arguing what constitutes a fair profit.

    The most recent article about this also stated that the City could refuse to rezone the land, which currently doesn’t permit a lucrative housing subdivision, or it could strengthen our rent-control law — an option that Bobby Wieckowski says that he would consider if the rent increase is granted.

    You’re right, though; you can’t get a rational argument past our current City management, so it’s a real up-hill slog with a moral argument.

    Perhaps Besaro Resident, who posted under the “It’s good to be a lawyer in Fremont” thread would have more details on the park residents legal strategy. I hope they’ve got a good lawyer. Also my assumption, the more they get in their legal fund, the longer they can tie this up in appeals, hopefully until the current property owners develop some good sense and/or a conscience.

    A final thought – there’s a 100% chance of losing if you don’t fight.

  4. This is where a critical media that could shine the glaring white spotlight of public scrutiny could be S O O O O helpful and beneficial to our community . . . .

    If only there was such an entity ! ! ! !

    Woudln’t it be wonderful to have Dan Rather interviewing the property owners on next Sundays “60 Minutes” ???? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a media with such a profound concern for the community that it could put this situation under a moral microscope and maybe, just maybe, might encourage someone to make a decision that favored morality, integrity and concern for their community over personal wealth ??????

    Where would we find a reporter and a medium with this kind of concern for the community ???

  5. You know, the hearings on this issue will be on June 15, 16 and 17 at Besaro Mobile Home Park from 9:30 am to 4 pm. Why can’t our local public access channel, that already carries City Council, Planning Commission, and School Board meetings, carry the hearings as well?

    At least the public meeting with Anu happens before the hearing. Any chance anyone will ask her about what the City can do to assist the residents at Besaro?

    It really chaps my hide that one of Besaro’s owners is the retired City Director of Maintenance and Recreation. Unless I’m mistaken, the Recreation Department oversees the operation of the Senior Center, and the residents out at Besaro are seniors. How can somebody who, since he is now retired, is probably a senior himself, and who made his living providing services to seniors here in town, turn around and toss these seniors out of their homes so he can make a profit? It’s unconscionable.

  6. Irv –

    I’m curious about these “hearings” – am I to understand that there is truly going to be a 6.5-hour session for three consecutive days ?

    Who has the time to sit in on such a lengthy discussion ? Please do not take my question as doubting the veracity of this effort – but, 3 days of 6.5 hours seems like it has just as much opportunity to dilute any attempt at focus since no one knows when a particular topic might be presented/discussed and no one can possibly (except the tenants themselves) participate for three continuous days.

    So – if I plan on showing up Tuesday afternoon for a couple of hours – I might have a 1 in 10 chance of discussing something of interest/significance.

    Who will preside over these “hearings” ?
    Who is *invited* to attend ?
    Who is *confirmed* to be in attendance ?

    Is there a stated objective to these meetings ?
    Is there an agenda (might be wise given the lengthy schedule) ?

  7. B, like Lifer, I got some of my information about this from the post by Besaro Resident under the “It’s good to be a lawyer in Fremont” thread here on this site:

    Besaro Mobile Home Park

    Residents of Fremont’s Senior Community, Besaro Mobile Home Park are facing a devastating rent increase by the Park Owners. Many of the residents are looking at a 43% increase in their space rent, to go along with their current Home Mortgage. This is a 55 and up community with many of the residents living on fixed incomes made up of Social Security, and depleted 401k’s. There are 300 residents in the park and many of those will be forced out of their homes if this rent increase is passed.

    We need your support as well as others in the community to help minimize or defeat this increase.

    Home values in our park have dramatically declined not just because of the economy but because of the constant threat by the owners that the park will be closed. The fact that the rent increase notices always include the statement that the park could be closed is terrifying to many of the residents who are trying to find security and peace in their later years. Prospective home purchasers are not willing to move into our park with this harassing closure cloud always lingering.


    Please mark on your calendars: June 15, 16 and 17. These are the dates the hearing will be held at Besaro Mobile Home Park, 4141 Deep Creek Road, Fremont CA. 94555, from 9:30 am to 4 pm, in the Social Hall.

    Donations can be made to Besaro HOA Legal Fund thru:
    Julie Smith, 510 870-8598 or Anne Marie Kadish, 510-797-7794.

    From this post, it does sound like the administrative hearing will be on all three days. As for who will be presiding and under what jurisdiction, I really don’t know. It would be nice if Besaro Resident could post again to share more info, or if Matt, who wrote the most recent article I’ve seen on this


    knows more about it I’d be glad to hear it.

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