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BART to Warm Springs contract

By Matt Artz
Friday, May 29th, 2009 at 8:12 am in BART.

BART sent us this press release


Today’s Board action authorizes the General Manager to award a

million contract for the Fremont Central Park Subway portion of the

extension project to Shimmick Construction Co., Inc./Skanska USA Civil

California District Inc. Joint Venture (“Shimmick/Skanska”).

This contract will construct the trackway embankment south of

Avenue and the BART subway from just north of Stevenson Boulevard,

Fremont Central Park, including a portion of Lake Elizabeth, and beneath

the Union Pacific Rail Road freight track to just north of Paseo Padre

Parkway. The contract includes construction of two ventilation

and relocation of a number of amenities within Fremont Central Park,

including the dog park, basketball courts, and related parking.

Construction is anticipated to begin this summer and last for

three and a half years.

A second contract is expected to be a design-build contract where

contractor will complete the remaining parts of the project including

trackway, systems, tie-in at Fremont Station, and the new Warm Springs


The City of Fremont is well underway with another key component of
the extension: an overpass that would carry BART trains above Paseo
Padre Parkway. You can see video of this construction at
BART hopes to have the Warm Springs Extension in service by June 2014.

Warm Springs Extension would be a fundamental step in the Valley

Transportation Authority’s BART extension to the South Bay.

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  • G.Kubina

    Some good news I just came across when looking over the BART Warmspring Construction pages. Looks like the dog park will be upgraded. Not sure if this has been reported but if true, welcome news as a small dog owner.

    Park Facilities – The existing dog park, basketball courts and associated parking will be replaced in a new complex located on the western side of the park near Stevenson Boulevard. The new dog park complex, with separate areas for large and small dogs, and new basketball courts and parking area, will be completed before the existing facilities are removed. Additionally, approximately 40 new parking spaces will be added at the Tennis Center.