Matt Artz


  1. At least the new website shows a wee bit more culture & diversity than fixating & promoting one certain ethnicity like in years past, although the paratransit photo op make me wonder… least the “ambassadors” group photos make more sense

  2. Congratulations to Fremont for their fabulous web site. When will Newark update theirs? Newark’s web site is long overdue for a complete make-over. We deserve better.

  3. Yes, Newark is long overdue for a cyber-facelift. The only thing I can say in their defense is that they’re more fixed at this point on saving jobs and thereby providing services than updating their website. Also, Newark’s IT Department has been hit with a sufficient number of staff losses to make it a real challenge for them to cover daily issues, with no one left to work on updating the website.

    Newark has always been more fiscally conservative than Fremont, so I’m not surprised that Fremont is more concerned with their electronic appearance. I think that the real question is, does Fremont’s new website provide any new online public services or information that the old website did not provide?

  4. Do the sagged-panted no-class Caucasian dullards that have infiltrated Newark even know how to access the Internets?

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