Young blood for council?

UPDATE: We’re going to write about him.

While I was away, a 16-year-old Fremont boy emailed to say he’ll be running for City Council next year. I’m not printing his name on the blog or in the paper just yet because I want to make sure he’s the real deal and not some attention-starved teen who doesn’t know squat about city government.

If you really want to do more about him, click here for his web site. He already has the endorsement of 14 people, all of whom probably know more SAT words than any member of the Argus staff.

Matt Artz


  1. Well we could (and have) done far worse in the not so distant past. It really tells you something when you’re willing to give actual consideration to somebody who hasn’t graduated from high school yet. I can’t tell much from his website, but I’ll follow it and see what he comes up with. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    It also tells you something when a 16 year-old can identify problems that City management gives every indication of being completely oblivious to. A reminder, Matt – there are adult men and women who we have put into positions of responsibility who appear not to know squat about city government.

  2. Mr. Artz,

    Thank you for posting this. I look forward to proving to you how capable I really am. I appreciate the chance you’ve given me and I understand it is a gift. I will not let the people of Fremont down.

    Ishan Shah

  3. That’s freakin’ awesome. I hope you’re foreal and not just trying to provide a compelling story for your college applications.

  4. What college applications my good sir? I am applying to Cal right out of high school, and if I’m rejected I’m going to our own Harvard on the Hill! (Ohlone for those of you who don’t know)

    Ishan Shah

  5. Well you’re in high school and I imagine you want to go to college… you mentioned Cal. So I was just mentioning that I hope you’re not just running in order to write a really good personal statement. Like I said, I think it’s awesome that you’re running and I think you’re going to take a lot of people by surprise.

  6. Simple times: I am NOT doing this for college applications, but your suspicions are valid… In my honest opinion that would be a very selfish thing to do. I have already said this to others who have asked me this question: I am willing to go to Ohlone to stay in fremont. I want to help our city, that is my reason for running. Its as simple as that. Thank you so much for your positive remarks; they keep me going.

  7. Not to be discouraging, as I applaud his energy and enthusiasm, but I believe that you need to be a registered voter (as well as a Fremont resident) in order to run for a council seat. So you may need to defer running for another year.

    There was a document on the city website, but with the revamp, it no longer is easily found. Just google “fremont basic steps running office” and select the cached version to view the document.

  8. I’m glad Ishan is showing so much initiative and enthusiasm to be an elected official. Much kudos and best wishes to you. But since i’m not an expert on the requirements for running for city council, can someone enlighten me. Is there an age requirement? It would seem strange that a person would be eligible to run for elected office yet not be able to vote in that election.

  9. Candidates are required to be a registered voter to file for office, I believe. Most young people graduate from high school either at 18 years old or close to it. Someone 16 today could be 18 by mid July 2010 when filing for council opens. If I were a serious candidate for office today, I would make sure by checking with the city clerk, or by looking at the Califonia Elections Code on the ca.gov web site.

  10. As an old geezer, it occurs to me that perhaps the real question regarding age should involve an upper limit. There’s just as many people of advanced years who are unqualified to a hold a coherent thought, much less a public office, as there are below age 18. Present company obviously excepted, of course, Gus.

  11. Ladies and gentlemen,

    As of 5/29/09 I am a registered voter. I will be 18 in June of 2010 (my birthday is 06/14/1992), therefore I meet the requirements. I have spoken with Ms. Dawn Abrahamson, the City Clerk, and she is helping me stay on top of my paperwork. We have filed the 501 declaring our intention to run; we are in it till the end! Thank you very much for making sure I am on top of things everybody, it makes this all a little bit easier.


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