Council gives OK to proposed north Fremont road plan

Most city leaders don’t really want it, people who live near Quarry Lakes definitely don’t want it, but the City Council voted unanimously last night to approve the environmental documents for a project that would include a major new road linking Mission Boulevard and Paseo Padre Parkway.

Union City really does want the project, which would improve freeway access to the thousands of new new residents who would come to town if their planned high-rise residential towers are built.

Fremont has never been a fan of the project, which originally was to include a major road from Mission all the way to I-880. Now it’s just the new road between Mission and Paseo Padre along with widening portions of Decoto and Paseo Padre.

But a few years ago Fremont cut a deal with Union City and county transportation officials. Fremont would back this project and in return it would get money for the Mission Boulevard/I-880 interchange project.

A deal’s a deal.

Don’t tell that to the dozens of people last night who urged the council to reject the plan. However, the plan or some form of it has been in the works for decades so most, if not all, of them knew that it was a possibility when they bought their homes.

Anyway, at last check the $211 million project was at least $43 million short of funds, so the deal might not get done for quite a few years.

Matt Artz

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